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About us and the great services we provide.

We break down into 3 basic categories:

  1. Serving customers with oversize and heavy haul freight quotes for trucking services of over-dimensional items such as equipment, machinery, tanks, etc.
  2. Serving oversize, wideload and heavy haul trucking companies by connecting them with direct freight dealing with the customer direct. When it comes down to it we’d prefer to see shippers dealing directly with carriers in this sector of transportation due to the difficulties and expertise required to move a single large item. With that being said in some circumstances transportation professionals will always be required so “brokering” is not completely frowned upon as long as the “broker” is a expert in logistics with express knowledge of shipping heavy haul and oversize.
  3. Serving the pilot car industry. In many circumstances pilot cars are required by law to accompany some heavy haul and a large percentage of “oversize” or “wideload” freight. Since we have professionals already here on the site dealing with each other it only makes good sense to include escort vehicles or “pilot cars”. We also support this area of transportation with state of the art and cutting edge tools such as “live posting” of locations of pilot cars available for work rather than using traditional methods of alphabetical lists that show a companies “home base” location only. This is not very economical and doesn’t make sense in this day and age.

How do we help customers ship heavy haul and oversize loads?


How we connect trucking companies that specialize in heavy haul and oversize loads with customers?


How we work directly with the pilot car industry to service heavy haul and wideload shipments?

Just a quick note:

We’re putting this together as we haven’t had a “about us” page in the past. Sept 17, 1017


A quick history synopsis. initially started as an idea to bring more direct customers to a single location rather than making outbound telephone calls in effort to find them. We knew tens of thousands of companies we’re searching for logistics coordinators that had the right equipment to heavy haul their oversize machinery and equipment, it was just a matter of locating them. So, in 2003 the domain name was purchased and was relatively nothing other than an email form that asked you the name, dimensions and weights of the shipment you needed transported.

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