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We make it easy to get heavy-haul and oversize shipping quotes from many different specialized trucking companies. Get connected with our carrier network and meet trucking companies that specialize in shipping heavy haul and oversize oversize loads anywhere in the world, FREE. Easily ship items like heavy equipment, machinery, tanks, airplanes, jets, rocket ships and more ship every day here. Trucking company specialists monitor our live system waiting for your post on our loadboard. It's free and no account is required. You can also search our oversize and heavy haul transport companies direct.
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Meeting new customers is easy using our oversize and heavy haul load board. See our live loads (sign in to view contact info). Get your trucking company plugged in today. We've got lots of oversize equipment, machinery, boats and more from direct customers & brokers. Connect to your account via phone app downloadable from either iTunes or Google Play. You can also get your company listed in our online directory and be listed in 5 minutes. With over 14 years of success online we're the go to place for direct customers needing to ship heavy haul and oversize loads. Get signed up.
Pilot cars - truck escorts get more runs.

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Kick your pilot car company into over-drive by using our phone app to post your future available locations live! Our PiloTrac system enables pilot car companies to post their future available locations on a live map. Our location based mapping technology enables trucking companies to not only see where you are located today but in the future. No more hustling to locate a trucking company that needs you or driving home with nothing. Maximize your miles and time by showing potential customers exactly when and where you're going to be. Now you can see exactly where available equipment for hire is located. We've been perfecting our system for over 14 years.

We are the largest heavy haul trucking network in the world. Do you need a heavy haul or oversize trucking quote?

We're serious about our customers and provide them with real-time competitive shipping quotes around the clock. If you need a heavy haul trucking or oversize trucking quote simply click here. It's free and no account is required. Kick back and relax while we do all of the work for you. We've been connecting shipping customers with heavy haul and oversize trucking companies online since 2003 and are the oldest "online network" in our sector of the trucking industry. We specialize in shipping loads like heavy equipment, tanks, cooling towers, boats, caterpillars, machinery and much more. Our system is monitored by logistics dispatchers through out North America that specialize in transporting oversize and heavy haul loads. To obtain shipping quotes no account is required and our service is free. Specify if you prefer to be contacted by phone or e-mail and move on to your next task. You'll save time and money by not needing to search high and low for heavy haul carriers as they monitor our loadboard. With nearly 15 years experience online and 30 in the field, WideloadShipping.com has the expertise and talent to execute virtually any heavy haul trucking need. Safety, focus, and awareness are one of the first key things that come into play with all of our carriers. We're very proud to have the largest specialized transportation network available in North America. In addition to self propelled transporters our carriers have full access to specialized over the road transport equipment, which means you do too. From route planning to permitting to coordinating with sub-contractors and local and state agencies our knowledgeable carriers will make absolutely sure your shipment is in full compliance with state and federal highway regulations. We give you full access to excellently maintained custom transport trailers as well as platform trailers, double drop stretched trailers, RGN and step-deck or flatbed trailers. Our network of carriers is ready to assist you with your transport needs immediately. For the most complex multi-state hauls our carriers are standing by waiting or your information to be posted. We give you full access to any type of trailer ever created. Even if your shipment exceeds multi-state bridge and pavement regulations. With multiple trailer configurations available our customers are able to ship maximum allowable axle loads through each state or province. We have dual lane trailers with spacings at 16', 18' and 20 feet. The ability to counter steer for improved mobility and maneuverability through the tightest spots you could ever imagine. We have many shipping options and can easily accommodate shipments up to 800,000 pounds. Low deck trailer arrangements to keep over all load height to it's lowest. Special deck and drop deck attachments, WideloadShipping.com is dedicated and committed to finding the absolute best configurations for our customers. Post your shipment today! No account is required and it's free.

Own a heavy haul trucking or oversize trucking company? Looking to meet new customers?

If you own or work for a company that specializes in heavy haul or oversize loads you can learn more about our opportunities here. Meeting new customers that are actively shipping is easy using our heavy haul and oversize trucking loadboard and archive system. The days of calling manufacturers blindly or creating super e-mail campaigns are over with. Have a look at a few of the loads that have been posted in the last year or so by clicking here. Our service offering offers you the unique opportunity to not only communicate with shippers needing to ship items but offers you a archive of direct customers for you to consider should you decide to launch a marketing campaign. Simply choose shippers that ship within you weight class and shipping lane and proceed. We offer live truck posting as well just in case anything were to pop up. While live posting specialized trailers that desire to come home may not be a sure way to keep your truck loaded, you'll surely never know what may have been possible if you don't consistently post. You'll notice some companies are dedicated. These are the one's that have benefited from it! At times we're slow and others we're slammed. Loads range from a one time boat shipper to wind energy firms with thousands of loads. If you don't monitor the board you'll never know. We also get very discreet customers (Hollywood, DOD, NASA, Military, etc.) that are unable to publicly post their shipments. They tend to use our heavy haul and oversize trucking carrier directory. Having a home base listing in it is a very wise choice and if created properly will even make your own website perform better. We encourage you to learn more about it as well.

Own a pilot car company?

We have great opportunities for pilot car companies. Since oversize trucking companies are already here meeting customers and booking loads they are going to use our live pilot car directory over starting a whole new search. Our pilot car technology is based on live posting first your home base (permanent pin) location, then locations where you either are or will be available in the future. When trucking companies need pilot cars this is the first place they look. You can place your company pin in the map now and start using our live pilot car system (PiloTrac) so carriers can see where you're located in real time. We've been perfecting our system for over 14 years and offer basic accounts for less than a buck a buck a week!

NOTE: When creating your account keep in mind we're not a fly by night company. If you're going to create a account we absolutely suggest you upload photos, write a minimum of 300 words (900 is smarter) about your company and the exact services you provide. history, vision, equipment, etc. Treat your listing like a mini-website so you get the absolute most for your buck. While we do offer monthly payment options we strongly suggest you take advantage of the yearly option which will save you over 60% (hint: if you don't have Youtube videos, 8-10 photos, a website, over 2 vehicles, etc. a "basic" listing will serve you pretty well). Also keep in mind seasons and project needs throughout North America constantly change. Sometimes we are slammed and others times slow. Be smart, create a listing loaded with links, text and photos, use the phone App. Invoice the truck directly. Create a detailed listing that pays!

We're a network of heavy haul and oversize trucking companies.

Getting freight quotes is very easy. Instead of calling all kinds of different companies down a list. Simply enter the data about your loads and let our system handle the rest. It's easy, quick and best of all free. Anyone can connect directly to our network of transport companies. We service all destinations globally so International customers are welcome too. When they see your shipment posted they work up a rate quote and submit it to you. That's all there is to it. If you would prefer to speak with companies direct you can search for them in our oversize and heavy haul trucking company directory. While you can use our service as a loadboard (as many do daily) we prefer the idea of a "lead board", meaning we hook all of the transport parties up with each other directly letting them work out their shipping details together which would obviously be a much more advanced and sophisticated than any other shipping system ever devised. By simply drawing upon the existing tools the internet already offers and giving the customer the power to choose from tens of thousands of interested transportation companies. Post your load now, free (no sign-up and easy!) Upon initial inception our idea was to create a marketplace where shippers of specialized cargo and specialized carriers (actual physical shippers) as well as pilot car companies could be easily accessible by he public as well as potential customers. Thus giving everyone not only access to the wealth of information from the direct customer, specialized trucking company, pilot cars and more but giving them the choice to work with whom ever they wish directly.

Get connected with heavy haulers, equipment moving and machinery moving companies online EASY and FREE!

Get free quotes from multiple machinery moving and equipment moving companies online with our easy no hassle system. WE GET YOU CONNECTED with the right heavy haul or oversize equipment shipping company with very little effort. Our North American network of specialized movers have dispatchers monitoring our system all day long in order to get your project rolling by getting you a quote. We've been servicing the needs of customers like you since 2003 by connecting both parties direct. Our streamlined system is simple: connect the customer with the moving companies direct. Meaning everybody deals with each other at the same table without anyone in the middle. This leaves no room for error. Shipping heavy equipment and large freight demands the best in communication and coordination which is exactly what you get. We are THE MEGA MOVERS MARKETPLACE. Need trucking permits, oversize regulations or pilot cars? You will find it here and all up to date. Everything from careers in truck driving to machinery moving, equipment moving and boat shipping guides on "how to" and what to prepare for. We're passionate about our side of the moving and shipping industry and your online experience is important to us. Therefore we generate the absolute finest service offerings available which is why our customers keep coming back.

WideloadShipping.com prides itself in having the most advanced heavy haul and oversize transportation network available in the world. We've been performing every single day of the week online since 2003 making us truly the first company ever to serve our specialized industry with a load board. We connect the shipper and the customer, direct.