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DRD Motorsports – David Derderian


Wow check all of this great information:



We don’t go out of our way to post information like this about people or trucking companies let alone any company. Apparently he is a boat shipper. From our own personal experience with this guy and his company I would suggest you stay WAY FAR away. Crazy people in this world.

David Derderian
DRD Motorsports

  1. He’s not in our system. The last thing our customers need.

  2. Yea this guy creates misery everywhere. He is currently out on bail for something.

  3. Wow, we had no idea. We had an incident that I won’t go into details on but yea he’s a real dirt bag. I wonder if people like this ever feel the weight of their lives they have led and consider what they have become and what they will leave behind? Well, bad news this one.

  4. Yep,
    He hasn’t changed. Except possibly for the worse.
    Recent email from the wife of one his former drivers indicates he might have possibly moved his base of operation south from Michigan to Cocoa Beach, FL and she said last she heard he was in jail (unknown charges- she hasn’t responded to my inquiry) with a $100k bail.
    I haven’t been able to find any records of charges against him. She also accused him of using their credit card (with-out permission) and owing her husband considerable wages to boot.
    STAY AWAY from David Derderian.
    He is BAD NEWS

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