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Georgia State Shipping Regulations

These are the Georgia state shipping regulations, limitations, rules and laws for the trucking of oversize and over weight loads over the roads and highways in the state of Georgia.


The great state of Georgia official seal.



Georgia State Permit Regulations – Oversize Shipping, Trucking & Transport.

Georgia State Trucking information website:  http://dot.ga.gov/doingbusiness/permits/oversize/Pages/default.aspx

Legal Loads.
Length:  100’ including overhang
Weight:  GVW 80,000
Width: 8’6”
Height: 13’6”


Routine Permits.
Length: Under 120’
Weight: Under 110,000 lbs.
Width: Under 12’
Height: Under 14’

How to Apply for Permits.
You must fill out an application and fax it to them. Forms can be
Downloaded from the web site or call customer service and ask them
To fax one to you.

Fax completed application to:  404-635-4297, 8501, 8503 or 8507.
Customer Service 888-262-8306
Basic permit costs $30 plus $1 fax charge and $7 for credit card processing
You must provide insurance certificate

Pilot Car – Escort Car Requirements.
Length: Over 75’ but less than 100’ – a rear/amber light is required.
Over 100’ but less than 125’ – 1 rear escort car is required.
Over 125’ – requires 1 front escort car and 1 rear escort car.
Height: Over 15’6” requires a escort vehicle in front of truck with a height pole.
Width: On 2 Lane  over 12’ but less than 14’8” requires a escort vehicle behind truck  and amber light.  On 2 Lane over 14’8” but less than 16’ requires 1 escort vehicle in front of truck  and 1 escort vehicle behind truck.  On 4 Lane over 12’ but less than 14’8” requires a rear escort vehicle.  On Interstate over 14’8” but less than 16’ requires a rear escort vehicle.  Requirements for loads over 16’ wide will be decided on a case by case basis.

Travel Restrictions.
Travel permitted from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour before sunset.

Hint: Georgia requires that you sign their permit with blue ink only.


The information contained in these pages is research information primarily for use by oversize and overweight trucking company drivers, dispatchers and pilot car companies. While every effort is put into maintaining the accuracy of this information you must absolutely verify this information with the Georgia State DOT Permits office before commencing movement.






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  1. If you are hauling lumber in a pickup, how long can the lumber extend out of the bed of the truck?

  2. In Georga…..You need to purchase a amber light permit when oversize!!

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