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Heavy haul

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Heavy haul trucking is a service we offer our customers every day of the week that have needs to ship items that exceed the maximum shipping weights allowed by state and federal laws. If you need to get heavy haul a quote click here. In order to perform this kind of service trucking companies must have heavily modified trailers with extra axles in order to obtain special permission in the form of a transportation permit from each state traveled through that allow over-weight items to transported under special circumstances provided that special guidelines are followed. These guidelines specify under what conditions a company can qualify to be able to be eligible to ship over-weight shipments and are designed to  protect in interest and safety of the state, its citizens and motorists that are traveling on their roads and highways.

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We provide heavy haul shipping quotes from multiple companies.

At times organizations like NASA and the Department of Defense as well as the Hollywood industry need privacy. If for any chance you do not want to post your heavy haul shipment to a public load posting board you can use our heavy haul carrier location system to contact trucking companies directly to discuss with them in privacy you transport needs. You will find that dealing with the carriers in our system very knowledgeable about transporting heavy haul objects which includes everything from heavy equipment, machinery, tanks, boilers, space ship doors and more. We’ve pretty much done it all. If you require that a non disclosure statement be signed that is not a problem either as they’re all cooperative and understand the nature of shipments like this are at times sensitive. If you need to you can click the link below to learn more about and even create your own lading bills as well. Below is a list of states that are clickable that will take you to a list of heavy haul transport companies that we have in our system that will assist you in quoting your shipment and speak with you about getting you and quotation as well. Simply click the link of the desired state or province to begin.

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