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Heavy Haul trucking

We are your heavy haul trucking company connection.  When  you use our service you are alerting all of the heavy haul trucking companies in our database of your shipment so they can contact you with a quote.  Instead of searching and calling all around trying to get different shipping quotes we provide one central access point that puts you in touch with heavy haul trucking companies you would have never knew existed.  This saves you time and enables you to do you job more efficiently.

Heavy hauling and saving.

When you use a network such as ours for heavy hauling and shipping you are bound to save money.  What we allow you to do is network.  You could call heavy hauler companies all day long and not be able to communicate with even 10% of the trucking companies in our database - there are just too many companies to contact.  Our system is free for shippers and no account is required.  All you to is enter the load information into 10 spaces and you are done.  Heavy haul shippers will start contacting you almost immediately in order to provide you with heavy haul shipping quotes.

We’ve been successfully doing business like this since 2002 and have ZERO COMPLAINTS so far so we our system has proven itself over and over. moves over a billion dollars worth of freight every single year.  That’s right.  Every year over a billion dollars is spent in the heavy haul shipping industry right here on this website.  That is a lot of heavy haul loads.  This year we are compiling a combined total for all of the weight that is shipped in one year here and it should be interesting to see what that number is.  We will have the results posted here in 2014.  We think that once you see how easy it is to use our load matching system you be glad you found us.  Please feel free to visit out Facebook profile as well to see some of the heavy haul trucking company action as well.  For those of you interested in getting tweets from us here is the link to our Twitter profile.

Heavy haul trucking company moving a genset down the road.

Heavy haul trucking company genset move.  This load was only 120,000 lbs. We connect loads like this daily.

Heavy haul shipping is what we do every day of the week.

Heavy haul shipping in the winter time.  They didn’t have frost laws in the southern states so we kept moving.


Her hauler trailer with 11 axles.  This shipment is just another example of how we save our customers money.

Heavy hauling a load through the desert.

Heavy hauling a heavy load through the desert.  Many times routing of shipments are on roads like this to protect the highways.

North Amercian heavy haul.

One of the great things about our heavy hauling company is that our network is huge.  We can easily serve every state and providence in North America as well as Mexico.  We have the greatest density of trucks in Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, California, Washington, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arkansas, Maine, New Jersey and even Alaska.  That is pretty much every state but those are the ones with the highest truck population density.  We can easily service other state and most cities in the US as well.  As far as Canada we have Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Prince George, Churchill Falls, Charlottetown, Sandy Lake, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, and even Prince Edward Island covered for solid connections that are fully interested in bidding on your heavy haul shipments.  We’re sure you would agree this is a huge geographical area of coverage but after almost 10 years of building our network we pretty much have it all covered so there is no reason for concern if your shipping needs are in the middle of nowhere or right in the middle of New York City, we have multiple carriers that can not only bid on your shipment but haul it as well. is the largest heavy haul network of trucks in the entire world.

Start your quote now.

The right heavy haul trucking company is only 10 questions and one click away.  Let us take the work out of finding the right company as they will be calling you in minutes to discuss your needs.

We connect you with with the perfect heavy haul company in every  major and small US City as well as in Canada, Mexico and Alaska too.

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This web site is dedicated to the heavy haul trucking industry as it’s what we do.  Drive safe and responsibly.

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