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Rockland man among truckers losing jobs in Kraft cutback

Rockland man among truckers losing jobs in Kraft cutback (via Repost Video News)

A Berks County man said he hopes to keep working after he loses his job at the Kraft Foods plant in Lehigh County.

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  1. It used to be that a company that’s large like this had pride for their employees and would never let them go until retirement time. If they had to they might re-assign a person but never just “let them go”. This is yet another example of corporate greed. It’s in the transportation industry, it’s in every industry. Everything is about the bottom line and about money instead of respect. Respect for yourself and the way you treat other people – especially your employees. Values have been flushed right down the drain. Seriously, whoever made this decision should be thrown in jail for being so selfish their own actions were criminal.

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