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Here comes the 2016 oversize trucking season!

Here comes the 2016 oversize trucking season!

Finally, it looks like the 2016 heavy haul and oversize trucking season is beginning to start. While freight volumes are still on the low side we can tell by the consistency of loads being posted that the season will start very shortly. This won’t come soon enough for many companies as the 2015 oversize trucking season was very short lived with freight volumes extremely low. Economic indicators for 2016 look fair as the wind power industry continues forward with its expansion (although not as big as in previous years). That’s not to say it’s time to go trailer shopping just yet but it does look like we should have a decent year. While the heavy haul trucking industry certainly needs a boost, the oversize trucking industry needs it terribly bad with so many other companies dependent upon oversize freight in order to operate. Companies like the entire pilot car industry as well as specialized equipment manufacturers that cater to and service the industry. Over the past few decades we’ve learned that the pilot car industry can be very flexible as well as resilient and can recover from freight shortages pretty quickly considering. Whereas the heavy haul industry suffers much longer from a short term financial blow as equipment costs add so much more money to a companies operating costs and overhead.

Freightliner tractor for equipment transporting.

So what do we think about 2016 and freight volumes?

In general we think 2016 will be a difficult year for this area of the specialized trucking industry. While we’re not predicting record breaking highs in freight volumes it is our general thought that 2016 will bring some much needed relief as existing construction projects are already on the table. Companies that wish to have this work will need to brush up existing advertising as well as create new avenues.

Here are a few noteworthy items about 2016 freight volumes:

  • Existing wind energy jobs in WY, KS, OK and East TX will continue. However, quite a few projects are now being built in other parts of the world as well as sea. This hurts us as far a wind energy equipment shipping goes.
  • This is an election year and consumer spending is down so far. Another issue is the candidates. Nobody is real certain where the candidates will be as far as decision making once someone is elected. You know just as well as us these candidates will say anything to get elected but once in office have a whole new story. It’s hard for companies that create huge projects to forecast what their capabilities are for new construction projects. So not a lot is expected to hit the table for this year. This hurts us as well.
  • The US has too many heavy equipment surplus items that need to be sold. That heavy equipment will come up in the auctions this year so shipping from the auctions to the ports will be good in 2016 with the over all freight volume getting some help from this area.
  • The US government has a huge inventory of old surplus airplanes and parts in the Arizona desert. Much of this equipment will be sold this year which will also help the over all freight volumes.

It’s going to be another tough year folks. The companies that will earn the most money in 2016 are the ones that are advertising savy.

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Road conditions and weather report for all US states – click here.

Road conditions and weather report for all US states - click here.

United States road conditions including interstate and highway. Weather conditions.

Road conditions and highway weather map.

Map provided by courtesy of www.fhwa.dot.gov







We also feature just road closure information for truck drivers.


Alabama 334-242-4378 or 888-411-7623

(Road conditions, weather and advisory information)

Alaska 907-428-7200 road condition info. 907-273-6037 #2 road construction info.
(Latest weight restrictions, route summary reports)

Arkansas 501-569-2374 for road conditions. 501-569-2227 road construction info – weekdays.
(Weather related road conditions/closings with interactive map option)

Arizona 888-411-7623 or dial within the state 511.
(Traffic, closure, constuction, delays and conditions information map.)

California 916-445-7623 or 800-427-7623 for highway conditions.
(Real time clickable traffic, road and conditions info map)

Colorado 511 in state or 303-573-7623 for highway conditions report.
(Real time clickable traffic, speeds, conditions and construction info map)

Connecticut 860-594-2000 #8
(Road conditions with cams and incident information.)

Delaware 302-760-2080 Live operator during normal business hours.
(Road conditions interactive map with travel alerts)

Florida Road Conditions- or dial 511 within the state. 800-292-3368
Southwest Florida only 800-749-2967
Lake City 800-207-8236
Jacksonville 800-780-7102
District 5 800-435-2368
District 6 800-226-7220
District 7 800-749-7453
Florida Turnpike 800-475-0044
(Road construction and incidents mp) 

Georgia Dial *DOT- if you are in the state. 404-635-6800 road conditions 24/7 404-635-8900 road construction.
(Road conditions, construction, closures and weather.)

Idaho 888-432-7623-511 info Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road weather conditions and construction map)

Iowa 515-288-1047 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Iowa travel information and highway traffic reports)

Illinois 800-452-4368
(Winter road conditions as well as traffic reports)

Indiana 800-261-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
317-232-8298 State Police (12-1 to 3-31 for winter months only)
(Road and weather information)

Kansas 800-585-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions and travel information)

Kentucky 866-737-3767 #2 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions and information links)

Maine 866-282-7578 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions map)

Massachusetts (617)374-1234 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road construction and traffic reports)

(Maps for road conditions and current route restrictions)

Michigan 800-381-8477 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Construction, incident alerts and road closures)

Minnesota 800-542-0220 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Traveler information)

(Road conditions, closed road and construction map)

Mississippi 601-987-1212 #1 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions and traveler information)

Montana 800-226-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road closures and conditions)

Nebraska 800-906-9069 Interstate, highway and road conditions. (from outside NE); 511 (from inside NE)
(Road closure and weather conditions map as well as construction delays)

Nevada 877-687-6237
(Road conditions and traveler information)

New Hampshire 866-282-7579 Interstate, highway and road conditions.  From outside NH or 511 from inside the state.
(Road conditions)

New Jersey
(Road conditions and alerts)

New Mexico 800-432-4269 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions map)

New York 800-847-8929 #2 for road conditions or #3 for construction info.
Road conditions and information map)

North Carolina 877-511-4662  Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions and construction information map)

North Dakota 866-696-3511  Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions and information map)

Ohio 888-264-7623 if in Ohio State. 614-466-7170 #5 if outside of State.
Road conditions and construction information map)

Oklahoma 405-425-2385 or 888-425-2385 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Oregon 800-977-6368 or 503-588-2941 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Pennsylvania 814-355-6044 Interstate conditions and construction. 717-939-9551 – extension 92.
Turnpike conditions and construction.
(Road conditions information map)

Rhode Island 888-401-4511 Interstate, highway and road conditions, construction and closures.
(Road conditions, construction and closure information map)

South Carolina 803-896-9621 Interstate highway and road closure, construction and conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

South Dakota 866-697-3511
(Road conditions, construction, closure information map)

Tennessee 800-342-3258 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Texas 800-452-9292 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Utah 866-511-8824 Interstate, highway and road conditions. from outside UT. Dial 511 within state.
(Road conditions information map)

Virginia 800-367-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Vermont 800-429-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Washington 800-695-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

West Virginia 877-982-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
Road conditions information map)

Wisconsin 414-785-7140 or toll free: 800-762-3947 Interstate, highway and road conditions.
(Road conditions information map)

Wyoming 307-772-0824 or toll free 888-996-7623 Interstate, highway and road conditions
(Road conditions information map)  


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Illinois State Shipping Regulations for oversize and heavy haul.

Illinois State Shipping Regulations for oversize and heavy haul.

Shipping laws, regulations, limitations and rules for shipping oversize and over-weight loads over the roads and highways in the state of Illinois.


The great state of Illinois official seal.

Please share your expertise or knowledge of Illinois state shipping regulations with other visitors below.

Trucking and pilot car location system:
Locate trucking companies and pilot cars in Illinois.

Locate specialized trucking companies in Illinois.
Locate pilot car companies in Illinois.
Order oversize trucking permits.

Legal load limits in Illinois.
Illinois DOT legal load size & weight limitations.

Legal Loads.
Length:  65’ overall length maximum.
Width: 8’6” on interstate and other designated highways, 8’ on non-designated highways.
Weight:  GVW 80,000,  Single 20,000, Tandem 34,000,   Tridem 42,000
Height:  13’6” is the maximum allowed height for legal loads.
Overhang:  3’ front in the front and 3’ off of the rear of trailer.

Routine oversize shipping, trucking and transport permits.
Oversize and overweight trucking permits that are routinely issued by the state of Illinois.

Length:  Up to 145’ long. Anything longer see superload section below.
Weight:  Single 24,000, tandem: 48,000, tridum: 60,000, Quadem: 60,00 gross, 5 Axles 100,000 lbs., 6 Axles 120,000 lbs., 7 axels: 120,000, 8 axles: 120,000 lbs.
Width: 14’6” (any load over 16′ will require special admin approval before permit is issued).
Height: 15’ (any load over 16′ tall requires a route survey).

Superload information:
Illinois DOT superload information.

Length: Any load that is longer than 145′ is considered a superload.
Width: Any load that is in excess of 14′ 6″ in width is considered a superload.
Height: Any load that is in excess of 15′ 6″ in height is considered a superload.
Weight: Any load that exceeds 120,000 lbs on any standard axle configuration whether it’s a 6,7 or 8 axle configuration or not is considered a superload.
Overhang: Contact them as this varies depending on route.
Notes: Spacing between steer and first tandem must be more than 8′ 1″. The spacing before the first axle and the trailer must not exceed 18′ 6″.  All axle spacings combined must not be less than 43′ 6″. Superload permit processing times vary. Expect delays. Before requesting a route you are expected to do as much research on your own as possible. They will refer you to: GettingAroundIllinois for construction zones and other closures. 

Permitted travel times and restrictions in Illinois:
Illinois travel times and restrictions for oversize loads.

Travel is permitted from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset  Monday thru Friday and ½ hour before sunrise until 12PM on Saturdays. Loads that are overweight only may travel 24/7 on all days of the week (make certain it is not documented otherwise on your permit before doing so). No travel is permitted on Sundays unless you are below the routine permit standards of no more than 115′ in length, 12′ in width, 13′ 6″ in height (sunrise to sunset rules apply).  No movement is permitted on the major holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Travel stops at 12PM on the day before any of these holidays. The Illinois oversize load permit office is closed on MLK Day, Lincolns birthday, Washingtons birthday, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veterans Day and on the day after Thanksgiving. However, travel is not restricted on these days. Always refer to your permit for approved travel times.

Required shipment, truck and trailer markings:
Truck, trailer and shipment required signs, banners and flags.

A rotating amber light must remain on at all times mounted on top of the cab and be visible from 360 degrees from a minimum of 500′ in direct sunlight. If your overall length is more than 80′ in length you are required to have one amber light over the cab of the truck and one amber light no more than 10′ from the rear of end or trailer/load at the highest point that is practicle. Oversize load signs must be a minimum of 7′ in width x 18″ in height, have a yellow background color with black lettering no less than 10″ in height x 1″ thick – we have recently heard 12″ tall x 2″ thick so please clarify and comment below if you know which is correct. Flags are required at all 4 corners of the load and front of truck and are to be safety red in color and no less than 18″ square. Shipments over 75′ in length, 10′ in width or 14′ 6″ in height are required to have signs. Signs must be placed on the front and rear extremities of the truck, trailer or load.

When pilot cars are required:

Length: If over 110′ in length you are required to have a minimum of 1 pilot car and in some places 2 pilot cars (higher traffic density or certain times of year). If over 145′ (150′ in some very rural areas) in length you are required to have 3 pilot cars –  yes 3. If over 175′ in length a police escort will be required.
Width: Up to 14’6” requires 1 pilot/escort vehicle. Over 16’ requires 2 pilot/escort vehicles. Over 18′ in width will require a police escort. 
Height: Up to 14’ 6” 1 pilot/escort vehicle, over 16’ requires 2 pilot/escort vehicles. Over 18′ in height will require a police escort.
Weight: No requirements as long as you can maintain minimum speeds. However on bridge moves that require all other vehicle traffic to be removed will required appropriate number of pilot cars which is a minimum of 2 and possibly 3 with police escort. All areas are different and require evaluation.
Note: If you exceed any two dimensions, then you are required to have an additional pilot car. So if you’re over 14′ 6″ tall and 14′ 6″ wide you would be require to have 2 pilot cars.  

Required pilot car certifications:

Cars, vans or trucks may be used as long as gross weight of pilot car vehicle is rated at no more than 8,000 lbs. Pilot car driver must be 18 years of age minimum with a valid regular drivers license. Pilot cars must have a rotating or flashing amber light mounted on the top of the vehicle (no specs as of time of writing 2014). Must display red flag at all 4 outer most points of the vehicle and have “OVERSIZE LOAD” signs that are a minimum size of 5′ wide x 12″ tall and have black lettering no less than 8″ in height. Must have radio and be in constant communication with the driver transporting the shipment at all times. Must have $500,000 per occurrence combined insurance that covers property and body.

How to apply for trucking permits:

Illinois Department of Transportation – DOT
Bureau of Traffic, 2300 S Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL  62764

Email: dot.permitoffice “at” illinois.gov
General inquiry phone: 217-782-6273
Phone: 217-785-1477 or 800-252-8636 within the state.
Fax: 217-728-3572

Note: Fee varies depending on dimensions and miles traveled. Permit is valid for 5 days.

Hours: from 8 AM until 4:30 PM

Central Time Zone


The information contained in these pages is research information primarily for use by oversize and overweight trucking company drivers, dispatchers and pilot car companies. While every effort is put into maintaining the accuracy of this information you must absolutely verify this information with the Illinois State DOT Permits office before commencing movement.


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