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Arkansas Truck Scales

Truck scales located in Arkansas.

If you are aware of a scale house or truck scale in the State of Arkansas or have any additional information about one that we have listed please help our other viewers by letting them know about it at the bottom of this page.

Cities in Alabama with scale houses.

Hope, AR: I-30 – about 3.8 miles SW. of town, East bound and West bound lanes.
Malvern, AR: I-30 @ mile marker post 113 in the West bound lane only.
Fort Smith, AR: I-40 about 4 miles West of Alma, AR in the East and West bound lanes.
West Memphis, AR: I-40 @ mile marker post 273.5 East bound lane and 283.5 West bound lane.
West Memphis, AR: I-55 half way from the TN border and I-40 in the North and South bound lane only.
Lonoke, AR: I-40 @ mile marker post 169 in the East and West bound lanes.
Corning, AR: Route 67 at the MO border in both the North and South bound lanes.
N. Little Rock  (Jacksonville, AR):  RT 67 – North and South bound lanes (a half mile north of 440).
Ashdown, AR: Route 71 in both the North and South bound lanes.
Springdale, AR:  I-540 and Route 71 @ MILE POST 412 in both the North and South bound lanes.
Buckley, AR: Route 375 in the North bound lane.
Yarbro, AR: I-55 @ the MO border in the South bound lane only (Blytheville).
Malvern, AR I 30 @ mile marker post 112.5 in the East bound lane (just South East east of Little Rock, AR).

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