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For pilot cars:

Pilot car companies that would like to receive tools, tips and tricks about how to get their company name in front of oversize trucking companies without having to spend a fortune will most definitely benefit from our e-mail notices. We’ve been inspiring and motivating individuals in the pilot car industry for decades. Seriously. Keep up to speed and be informed about all kinds of issues like:

  • How to get the most out of the web using what you already have.
  • Building a good listing in PiloTrac that easily pays for itself.
  • Understanding how the web works as a whole and what your efforts do for you.
  • Advertising and sign-up deals and promotions.
  • Industry news and updates, freight volumes, inclement weather, opportunities.
  • Building and fitting a professional pilot car the right way on a budget.
  • Rules and regulationscertifications for all of the US and Canadian provinces.
  • Much more……….

For specialized trucking companies:

Oversize and heavy-haul trucking companies have all kinds of advantages to sign up for our free newsletters. We feature all kinds of ways to get your company name where it belongs – right in front of the customer. In fact, that’s almost all we do with the exception of providing excellent resources for information to our sector of the transportation industry. We’ve been inspiring and motivating owner-operators, drivers and dispatchers for literally decades. Get on this list if you’re not on it already and get all kinds of information first like:

  • The benefits of using our loadboard.
  • The benefits of listing your heavy-haul or oversize trucking company with us.
  • Tips and tricks to help you fully understand how the web can make you more money.
  • Creating a good listing in our heavy-haul trucking directory.
  • Rules and regulations for all of the USA and Canada.
  • Keeping up on federal bridge formulas.
  • Getting the absolute best and affordable oversize trucking permits.
  • Advertising opportunities for specialized trucking companies.
  • The list goes on and on……….

Recent Posts

  • Alaska state rules and regulations.
    Alaska Shipping Regulations
    2018 Alaska DOT shipping laws, regulations, rules and limitations for oversize and heavy-haul trucking permits for pilot cars and trucking companies. Share your knowledge with others below.! Heavy haul trucking, pilot cars and permits. Locate heavy haul, oversize equipment shipping companies, pilot cars and ordering trucking permits in Alaska: Alaska...
  • Illinois State Shipping Regulations for oversize and heavy haul.
    Illinois State Shipping Regulations for oversize and heavy haul.
    Shipping laws, regulations, limitations and rules for shipping oversize and over-weight loads over the roads and highways in the state of Illinois. Please share your expertise or knowledge of Illinois state shipping regulations with other visitors below. Trucking and pilot car location system: Locate trucking companies and pilot cars in...
  • free hot dogs
    2018 National hot dog day
    2018 National hot dog day. The term “Negative Nancy” is one we’ve all heard and are familiar with. A term most of us distance ourselves from but in reading about Loves Travel Stops free hot dog Wednesday the first thing you have to wonder is how much does that cost?...
  • FMCSA news.
    Oh boy! The big FMCSA news.
    FMCSA releases a mandated “Corrective Action Plan” for the CSA program. Cutting through the commentary here are the nuts and bolts. The actions the FMCSA stated it will take in its 10 page corrective action plan will include: Moving forward to develop and test an IRT model. That model will...
  • 2018 Arkansas State Shipping Regulations
    2018 Arkansas State Shipping Regulations
    2018 Arkansas state DOT shipping laws, rules, regulations and limitations for oversize and heavy-haul trucking permits. Pilot car requirements. Please share your knowledge of Arkansas state DOT trucking regulations with others below. Arkansas oversize permits, heavy-haul trucking companies and pilot cars. Locate oversize, heavy haul trucking companies, pilot cars and...
  • 2018 Arizona State Shipping Regulations
    2018 Arizona State Shipping Regulations
    2018 Arizona state shipping laws, regulations, rules and limitations for oversize and overweight trucking on state highways and roads. Please share your expertise of Arizona state DOT trucking regulations with other visitors below. As per the state of Arizona please read the following: “The Arizona Department of Transportation in cooperation...

We handle about every type of oversize or heavy shipment there is:

  • Heavy-Haul Trucking and Shipping
  • Jet Engine and Fuselage Shipping
  • Next Day Freight Shipping
  • Jets, Helicopters, Aircraft Shipping
  • Turbine, Tower and Blade Transport
  • Construction Equipment Shipping
  • Oversize Load Transport
  • Boat Shipping and Yacht Transport
  • Military Vehicle Shipping
  • Container Shipping and Transport
  • Hazmat Shipping and Trucking
  • Heavy Equipment Trucking

Heavy-Haul Trucking and Shipping, Jet Engine and Fuselage Shipping, Next Day Freight Shipping, Jets, Helicopters, Aircraft Shipping,Turbine, Tower and Blade Transport, Construction Equipment Shipping, Oversize Load Transport, Boat Shipping and Yacht Transport, Military Vehicle Shipping, Container Shipping and Transport, Hazmat Shipping and Trucking, Heavy Equipment Trucking and much more……….

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When we say we’re here for the long haul we’re serious! They say time will tell so clearly we’ve already met any expectations you may have in reference to the oversize or heavy-haul trucking industry. We’re here for the long-haul!

One last thing in the words of Joe overlease: “don’t take cheap freight!”

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