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Oversize load routing software – bridge clearance development update.

Oversize load routing software for the trucking industry.

Oversize load routing software for the trucking industry with real time road conditions and bridge clearances.

June 03, 2018

WideloadShipping.com is currently developing oversize load routing software that will allow for more timely routing of oversize loads through North America. The system will incorporate data from all States/Provinces that wish to participate in the project as well as pilot cars and trucking companies and allow for easy exchange of data based on current existing technologies. With this in mind the actual preparation for sharing the real time data would require very little effort to implement. This would mean hours of research could be avoided by both oversize haulers as well as government employees. The project has been a culmination of efforts on behalf of many companies involved in industry as well as various US States. The release date for this system should be sometime towards the end of summer in 2016 and available online for a nice friendly fee with updates. Users who wish for advanced functions like saving routes, custom software services as well as weekly upgrades will be charged a modest fee for using the system.

“Basically anyone can have a look at road conditions and construction zones as well as bridge heights as long as they are good at searching for all of the information” says WideloadShipping.com staff. “This means that all of the needed data to properly route an oversize load is already available online in various locations. What we are doing is compiling the many sources and bringing them all  into one location. We are finding that all state agencies we’ve come in contact with are more than happy to work with us as the end result of this effort will free up huge amounts of staff research hours and in many cases requires little or no effort at all to implement. We’re very excited to be able to offer this level of service to our customers, especially at no additional cost”.

If you have questions or interests in the project please feel free to contact us.

June 3, 2018 Update: We are now starting the patent process for this build. Software development is next and we hope to release in 2019. Get ready for this one folks as it’s pretty flippin’ alright! Look for more bridge clearance info, news and more as this project is coming towards completion –  finally!

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