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Pilot cars registration

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Pilot Car and Truck Escort Registration

pilot car
Photo courtesy of Garden State Pilot Car out of Wall Township, NJ.

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Our PiloTrac pilot car system will get you more runs.

Let us take care of the internet game for you and get your company name right where it belongs – in front of the trucking companies. What it all boils down to is web traffic and clever technology.  Today everything is about the internet.  If you aren’t listed in the right place how can anyone locate you? We’ve got that figured out and using our service will put your company where carriers can easily locate your available vehicles for hire.

Here’s just a few items for your consideration:

  • The majority of our freight loadboard users are oversize of heavy haul trucking companies. Meaning when your phone rings it’s a trucking company, not a pilot car brokerage company.
  • Ask yourself; “if the trucking companies are already here doing business here with customers why would they open another browser window and search for a pilot car company when we have a pilot car directory one click away that’s been there for 14 years”?  Answer:  they don’t, they click on the same pilot cars link that’s always been there.
  • If you want to make more runs, more often and have more opportunity you’re truly in the right place. However, you’ve got to do some of the work on your own. Meaning, when you create your listing don’t create just another listing, create a presentation.
  • By now you know there is no one single place for pilot cars. You could spend a half million dollars building the most advanced pilot car dispatching website in the world and it will fail. After 40 years in the industry and 15 of it online we’ve got a fair idea of what happens in the pilot car industry and only you can make the changes to make your industry better. Here’s a hint: take broker runs or only deal direct? That’s up to you to decide but there’s one thing for certain. Today, you need to choose a good place to set up shop long term. Our suggestion would be to pick a place that has been in the industry a long time. A place that cares about the pilot car industry and dedicates funding towards advancing technology that is affordable to your company. We offer you that place. The rest is up to you.
  • If you are considering us for your long-term home online then you will want to consider a few things; 1. the web is driven by content. Meaning, if you create a listing anywhere online and enter 30 words about your service offerings, upload no photos or enter any keywords or social media links then you’re going to get back what you put into it anywhere you go. But if you’re demanding nothing but success then our suggestion would be to create a full on presentation with a minimum of 600 words and photographs of your company in action. We are here for you and wish all of you the best!

A Quick  video about our service offering:


Trucking company sign-up

A few tips for getting more business:

Playing the internet game. Yes it’s a drag but we didn’t make the rules.  Here are a few suggestions:

These days the yellow pages are pretty much worthless. The internet game is what it’s all about. Word of mouth isn’t much these days for a pilot car company in comparison to what the web can offer you. Getting even close to the first page is so time consuming and expensive that it’s unrealistic. Just putting a pilot car company together on its own is a daunting and expensive task. Then after keeping up with all of the certifications, regulations and bookkeeping the sun is long gone. Put building a website that produces real results on the table and you’re probably not going to get much sleep. However, getting with a partner online that cares about your future can go as far as you wish it as long as you’re willing to do your part – create a stunning pilot car listing!

We have a decent article about using free tools that are available online that you can use to make your listing with us your main or secondary website. It’s fairly quick, easy and actually pretty cool. You can read about these options if you’d like.

Also, you can create your own domain name for your pilot car company for free (and even forward it to your PiloTrac listing). Yes this is correct. You can have a .tk extension for free if you’d like. You will have to provide your own hosting but the domain name is free provided you can maintain a minimum of 25 clicks a month. Register your free domain name today!

If you can spare about $25 a year go to a small hosting company like and buy yourself a domain name and build a little 5 page website with their web building application or better yet use NetObjects Essentials, it’s free, easy and a great site builder. You are doing this so when you list your pilot car company on any site you have a link to something like a home base. After you have done this or if you prefer to skip this step, go and put your company anywhere and everywhere you can on the internet using the link to your website in each listing. This will help your pilot car company get a few more phone calls and be worth your time for a small amount of money. The only thing after that is paid advertising which works but you have to be smart about where you spend your money.  Ask yourself “will new customers find me here”?  If so how?

Pouring it on.
Whatever you do online do it to the best of your ability and even get help if you need it. When working with advertising online remember that a robot is the one doing all of the work. If you give the robot a few sentences then you are not giving it much to work with. If you give it paragraphs of information describing exactly in detail what it is you do with pictures when possible then the robot will detect all of this enriched information and file it accordingly which will be toward your advantage. Anytime you work online make sure you are not creating listings.  Create rich, robust presentations.

Keeping it fresh.
This is real simple. Anything you list online needs to be regularly updated. Keep a list of the sites you put your information on. At least once a year go back to those sites and update the information you put on it. If you don’t have the option then create a e-mail with your edits in it and ask the owner to update your information with the information that you conveniently provided. To a modern day robot there is NOTHING more powerful than good fresh updated content and you will be rewarded accordingly for it. Remember we didn’t make these rules so please don’t shoot the messenger!

Winning the game.
If you take just a little bit more time to do these extra little things and are thrifty with your money being smart about what you are doing you will reap the rewards of having more customers contact you for more business. Any company (not just pilot car companies) that chooses to be smart about what they are doing with their time and money, taking the path of least resistance will win in this new arena of doing business we promise you.

Our pilot cars get more runs. Why? It’s real simple: the trucking companies are already here booking loads with customers on our loadboard. Ask yourself: why would anyone open another browser window and start searching the web when they know it’s already hereGuess what, they don’t. 


Trucking company sign-up

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