Pilot Cars Migrating to PiloTrac.

Instructions for pilot car companies that did not migrate to PiloTrac.com during the scheduled migration.


A new pilot car system called PiloTrac was fully integrated with our website on November 23, 2014. Part of our 10 year upgrade involved giving the pilot car industry a more accurate way of connecting with the carriers that use our website. Our old system was a list based system which always left someone at the bottom of the list no matter how we arranged the listings. We felt this was not fair. So we designed a location based system which enables trucking companies to see exactly where you are located visually: PiloTrac.com

If you missed the multiple emails we sent and the postings we did on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the WideloadShipping.com Blog we will still honor your credit and get your account as we highly value and appreciate all of our customers. Credits will be given first from the days you had left to our live integration date of November 24, 2014 and then calculated on the days you missed service. Since the price of a basic car listing has been increased from $3.00 per month to $4.16 per month we will give you the extra $1.16 per month credit free on us. Some of you have Paypal subscriptions that auto-pay $36 to us. If you have a subscription that is live we will honor it and credit you for the full $15 yearly fee but you will have to claim the credit via email.

pilot car migration

Getting your company credited and migrated to the new PiloTrac system.

Migrating your pilot car company is actually very simple.

To migrate your companies pilot car listing to the new system for a credit you will need 3 basic things to get up and running. Here’s what you will need:

  1. The name of your company.
  2. The last name of the billing card you used to pay with.
  3. The email address you used to pay with.

Email this information to us by clicking this link and then create your new account by clicking here. Be sure to select the box that matches your previous listing. So DO NOT sign up for PREMIUM when you only had a BASIC listing with the old system. We will see it and have to downgrade your account with just makes the process slower. You will have the chance to upgrade once your new account is activated. You will receive a notice from us at the email address you placed in your new account letting you know the details of your account credit.

We appreciate your patience in this but you will soon see that it is worth is as this new pilot car system is much more superior to the old one. Also, you may wish to read the tutorial for the new pilot car system as much has changed.

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