How our administrative process works.


Setting up a class is a huge amount of work and responsibility. It’s truly a labor of love to do correctly and nobody is getting rich from training you. We’re doing this to “pay it forward” so there is a next generation of safe and competent, knowledgeable heavy-haul and oversize drivers and support staff. We can’t schedule a class until we’re certain most of the seats will fill out. For quality control reasons we have to keep the class limited to a maximum of 40 students total. By the time we announce open registration we’re certain most of the seats will sell out. Students are admitted on a first-come first-serve basis. We are unable to hold or guarantee any student a spot until a payment program has been initiated or the tuition is paid in full . Tuition for the class is $9,900.00. Continue to registration/payment page.

Once we’ve done this online, registration, payment tracking and all of that we have to coordinate with our printers to ensure you all have badges to get in, personalized cab cards and wonderful looking high quality diplomas in anticipation of your graduation.

During this process we make certain our tractor and trailers are freshly serviced and ready for a group of students as well as our equipment that we use to train you with with.

Happening at the same time we have to ensure we have the rooms booked, the conference room booked, the huge concrete lot leased and make certain any insurance contracts are updated and valid.

Since much of our printed materials are laminated and constructed to last for years we have to make certain we have made any updates, corrections, etc. performed well in advance. Drivers are then able to refer to them at later dates if needed and even write on them with a dry erase marker is desired. All of the printed materials we use during the class are updated as well and printed. Our power-point presentations are updated as well to reflect the most current changes in laws or fresh graphics, etc.

We have to coordinate with each of our instructors to ensure each of us are on the same page and share from our previous experience what needs to be revised or changed, look at the entire scope of the program and make adjustments if needed.

We have literally tens of thousands of dollars that goes out on the entire process. By the time the math is done, the taxes taken out and we’re all back home it pays about the same as a regular job does so you’d better believe it when I say “it’s a labor of love” because that’s exactly what it is. It’s giving back to an industry that has sustained our core instructor team most of our lives. Not only that but doing our part for our nation and humanity by filling a huge generation gap in drivers that basically have to be at least on the path to becoming an expert in this type of shipping as there’s so many different components to just shipping one shipment let alone hundreds of even thousands of them.

Hopefully this give you insight on what it is we’re doing and what it takes to get it done. For those of you who have questions or ideas on grants we welcome you to our grants and GI Bill page.

Note: We’re more than happy to accommodate your special arrangements and can instruct a larger class or be hired for private training if required. Simply (contact us) and let us know what you have in mind.

Administration November 28, 2019