How our administrative process works. CONSIDERATION   QUALIFICATIONS   HIGHLIGHTS   LOCATION   JOB PLACEMENT  RESPONSIBILITIES  PAYING YOUR TUITION   ADMINISTRATION   PAYMENT LINKS Setting up a class is a huge amount of work and responsibility. It’s truly a labor of love to do correctly and nobody is getting rich from training you. We’re doing this to “pay it forward” so there is a next generation of safe and competent, knowledgeable heavy-haul and oversize drivers and support staff. We can’t schedule a class until we’re certain most of the seats will fill out. For quality control reasons we have to keep the class limited to a maximum of 40 students total. By the time we announce open registration we’re certain most of the seats will sell out. Students are admitted on a first-come first-serve basis. We are unable to hold or guarantee any student a spot until a payment program has been initiated or the tuition is paid in full . Tuition for the class is $9,900.00. Continue to registration/payment page. Once we’ve done this online, registration, payment tracking and all of that we … Continue reading Administration