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Transport Your Oversize Crane Anywhere In The United States

A crane is an oversize piece of machinery that comes in a variety of types. Truck mounted cranes are great to drive from location to location with ease. Tower cranes are used in construction projects to help move materials for projects such as tall buildings. Whatever type of oversize crane transport you need, Wide Load Shipping will provide the best solutions. Your dedicated shipping agent pulls permits, finds the best trailer, and provides loading assistance if needed. We have trucks ready to ship your crane to and from any state in the U.S. Wide Load Shipping is your go-to crane transport company. Call for an oversize crane shipping quote now!


Wide Load Shipping Transports All Cranes With Ease

Wide Load Shipping transports all cranes with top quality service. We are the industry-leader in oversize crane shipping services. See the cranes we transport below.


Crawler Cranes 

Crawler Cranes are used for lifting heavy loads around construction sites. These heavy-duty workhorses are assembled at the job site and can lift upto 2500 tonnes.

Floating Cranes

Floating Cranes are specialized in lifting heavy loads. They’re used in open waters and ports for loading, lightening, transshipment, and discharging. 

Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough Terrain Cranes lift loads in off-road and rugged terrain conditions. They’re able to maneuver through and over challenging terrains when carrying a load.

Hammerhead Cranes

Hammerhead Cranes are the most commonly used around the world. That’s because they allow you to rack, which means moving the trolley inwards or outward along the job without changing the level. 

Stacker Cranes

Stacker Cranes are used in commercial and industrial material handling projects. However, they’re mainly used in storage facilities and warehouses to move materials, equipment, and goods. 

Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic Cranes are used for maneuvering and transporting objects from one location to another. They’re day-to-day cranes, especially in shipping ports. 

Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes lift and move materials on sites. As a result, they’re one of the most useful pieces of equipment in construction and heavy industrial projects. 

Tower Cranes 

Tower Cranes are used to construct tall structures such as skyscrapers around the city. Therefore, they must have a vertical mast and an overstretched jib.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes are used in construction sites, manufacturing facilities, scrap yards, shipyards, steel mills, and more. They make lifting and transportation of loads easy. 

Our Crane Shipping Services are Fully Insured And Safe 

Wide Load Shipping understands your crane is valuable, and if anything happened to it, you’d experience significant losses. Therefore, we fully insure every crane we transport and make you a holder of the insurance cover. That means if it’s not safely delivered, you can immediately contact the insurance company to claim total compensation. Before our team loads any crane on a trailer, they inspect it and fill out a BOL form. That form is used at the delivery location to confirm if the crane is safely delivered. Confirm the details filled out at the pick-up location are correct before signing the BOL form. After that, the crane is carefully loaded on the trailer, and all the attachments are lowered.  Our team uses chains and straps to secure it for transport. Rigger men are present to guide the crane operator during the loading and unloading. To have a smooth journey, the weight of a crane must be well balanced on the trailer to avoid any instability. 

Crane Shipping 101: Shipping Permits and Trailers Used 

Permits are required when shipping oversize cranes. This allows the driver to transport freight outside the standard legal load dimensions. Your Wide Load Shipping agent will determine the best trailer to ship your oversize crane. The most common trailers used to transport cranes include flatbeds, drop decks, lowboys, and RGNs. Lowboy and drop deck trailers allow us to transport tall cranes easily because they’re lower to the ground, making it easy to pass beneath bridges. We conduct route surveys in advance to ensure the safest and most efficient transport for your crane. Wide Load Shipping pays attention to every detail and ensures the best crane transport services in the industry. Call for your oversize crane transport rate now!