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Dedicated Logistics Agents

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Your Dedicated Logistics Specialists For Wide Load Shipping

A logistic agent is your contact person with Wide Load Shipping. A logistics agent takes care of everything you need to ship your oversize load. Our experienced agents provide you with an affordable shipping rate, customized to fit your needs. The shipping rate is calculated based on the type of transport, distance traveled, shipping amenities needed–such as pilot cars or loading assistance–and more.



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Once you’re ready to go, your logistics agent will dispatch a highly-rated driver with the best trailer type to ship your oversize load or heavy equipment. Your logistics agent will guide you through every step of the transport process. You’ll know exactly what to expect from pickup, to transport, and delivery. Plus, your agent is dedicated–which means you won’t be passed around from agent to agent. You’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire transport process. This ensures information doesn’t get lost along the way.

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