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Diesel fuel price widget – plugin.

Would you like to display the live cost of diesel fuel on your website?

Our customizable diesel fuel price widget shows actual live prices of diesel fuel per gallon at the pump across the USA and is automatically updated for accuracy. We pump in the prices directly from the USEIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) so the final costs are very accurate. If you would like to feature diesel fuel prices on your website you are more than welcome to use our diesel fuel price widget for free. We’ve already done all of the software programming and coding work for you so all you have to do is select the size the diesel fuel price widget you want for your website, copy a small snippet of code and paste it where you want it to display on your web page and you’re done. Yep, it’s that easy. Our diesel fuel prices widget is compatible with WordPress as a plugin or a widget, all html editors including WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builders, cms systems and web templates. So no matter what you’re using to build your website with adding the diesel fuel price widget to your website is easy.

Diesel fuel price widget example.
This is the medium display diesel fuel widget. Size is 600 x 500. You can adjust it to any size you like.

If you like the size above you can just use the code below. Or if you would like a different size for your website simply use the link below to view more.

Medium size code. Simply copy and paste the html below into your html document inside of the <body> tags wherever you want it to display.

<iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ style=”overflow: hidden; height: 600px; width: 500px”></iframe>

Installing the diesel fuel price widget on your website is easy.

You can start by selecting the size you would like to display diesel fuel prices for your website. Then simply select the snippet of html code below the size you want and copy it then past it into your websites code where you want it to display and you’re all set. Our sever will automatically update diesel fuel prices for you every day for accuracy. Our diesel fuel prices widget program is hosted on our premium cloud servers with a full blown content distribution network so there is no need to worry about loading speeds or slow server response time with your pages as our widget will not slow you page loading speeds down. An of course best of all it’s free to use. Get a diesel fuel price plugin widget for your website today!

Simply select the code next to the size you would to display on your website and drop it into your page wherever you want it to display and you’re good to go! Select your code here.

Here is an example of the smaller one:

Keep your website viewers coming back by giving them live highway fuel prices.

Visitors of your website will be more inclined to return if you’re able to offer them something. Live diesel fuel prices at highway pumps is another good way to do that. We have the only diesel fuel only gas price widget on the web and best of all it’s free!

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