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Exempt goods from frost/thaw law restrictions.

Example of exempt goods from frost or thaw law restrictions.

Transport of the following goods during frost or thaw months may be permitted in some US States and Canadian Provinces. Be sure to check with the appropriate permit office to inquire if your shipment is eligible.

  • Processed feed (livestock feed that has been rolled, split,
    ground or is in pellets) delivered to a farm.
  • Dead animals for rendering.
  • Seed potatoes (for export).
  • Feed to feedlot (must be transported on B-trains or Tractor
    and semi-trailer units only).
  • Feed to farm (for emergency purposes to provide feed until
    the pasture is ready), or livestock to pasture.
  • Seed grain for cleaning and farm use only.
  • Water well drilling equipment to alleviate a water shortage.
  • Livestock or grain to market.

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