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Author: Michael Rader

Aircraft shipping.

Shipping your aircraft has to be well planned out so your shipment goes well.

Selecting the right aircraft shipping company.

Choosing the right company to ship your aircraft is pretty much common sense but there are also some extra things you have to consider. Like how much cargo insurance does the company that you’re thinking about choosing have? Researching the company and looking up their history. Negotiating you payment terms and making sure you have the right bill of lading for the driver. It doesn’t necessarily come down to which transport company has the  cheapest shipping quote. Consider  of the moving company only has $1 million in cargo insurance and your aircraft is valued at $50 million. Is adding the additional insurance amount going to offset the cost of shipping so much that you could have picked the transporter with the highest shipping quote and it would still be cheaper? Let us walk you through some of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking of picking through the list of aircraft shipping companies so you can choose the right one.

First get your aircraft posted to find movers.

One of the fist things you want to do in order to get the ball rolling is to post your aircraft shipment to our load board so you can get multiple shipping quotes. Aircraft shipping company dispatchers monitor our website all day long looking for shipments for their company. They are scattered throughout all of North America so it won’t be too hard to locate one that is close to your shipment if not in the same city. After posting is to our system it shouldn’t take too long for you to start to receive shipping quotes from different companies. Once you have three quotes you can start to think about selecting the right transport company for you.

Research the transport company.

In this step we go through the steps of researching the transport company that you are interested in doing business with. A good place to start is with the FMCSA database as it contains all of the registration information about trucking companies in general. If you have a licensed shipping company you are in their database. Since government databases are typically hard to search through we have created a tool that is free for you to use. It is called the SaferTool. This tool is a very unique tool and one of a kind. We were the first people to develop it and are the only ones that have one that we know of. What does is queries the Federal motor carrier safety administration’s database on all trucking companies in the USA so you can get information about the company. Information such as how much insurance do they carry? How long have they been in business? Do they have any violations? As the federal government placed any comments in the file? And more information. The tool is free to download and does not carry any advertising or collect any information from your computer. Once you have done the proper background check and thoroughly researched the mover you are thinking about using for your shipment and made sure they have insurance that matches your needs you can move on to the next step in the process. Use this guide to learn more about aircraft shipping insurance.

Working out payment terms.

Whenever a moving company, especially one that specializes in shipping aircraft is dealing with an individual rather than a company they are going to want to be paid up front. Especially if it’s going to cost more than eight or $10,000 to move your eyes. If you’re comfortable with prepayment that it’s not really a problem but there is a way around this. It’s called meeting each other in the middle and happens all the time in the trucking industry if you just know how to do it. What you do when you are negotiating payment with the trucking company you have selected to move your aircraft is you tell them that you will pay them half when they load your shipment on their trailer and the other half one may deliver it. This is hard not for anyone to pass up as it is a good faith measure and lets them know that you are serious as well as them letting you know the same. Once your mover has agreed to this and there’s no reason for them not to they are going to want you to sign a transportation agreement. It is important that you review this document taking your time to read every word of his contents. If there is anything at all you disagree with you need to let them know about it as they can alter or you. Also make sure that they have listed in detail the payment terms that you both agree upon.

Never sent any company any money ever under any circumstances before they have loaded your aircraft onto a truck. Just like with craigslist there are people out there who you have to watch out for.

Once you’ve done this you’re going to need to prepare a bill of lading or the driver of your shipment on the day he or she arrived to pick up your aircraft. A bill of lading is required anytime anything is being shipped. You can learn more about bills of lading as well as print one by going here.

Also this is a good time to talk about insurance claims in the unfortunate event that your cargo was damaged during shipment. There are some basic things that you need to know about when performing interstate or intrastate transportation of goods. The shipping industry is strongly governed by federal law. So in the event that your shipment was damaged during transport you need to understand that if the trucking company delivers the shipment to the delivery location specified on the transportation agreement that you are legally bound to pay them the money that you agreed upon. Any damages that may have occurred are totally separate from transportation and will be handled in claims court. The most important thing for you to do is to make sure that you know in particularity exactly what damages have occurred before signing this document. Other than that there is nothing you can do at that moment other than speak with an attorney. Make sure that you do not accidentally violate any laws by not paying or the freight charges as specified in the transportation agreement that you sign. If you follow this practice in the end as long as there is no liability on your part you will be just fine.

Our 100% guarantee.

Our approval 100%

“We used your service to transport our small plane and it could not have worked out better. Flying is all of the way across the country was just to far for us so we decided to ship it over the road. We found that we made a new friend out of the deal as the driver we used to ship our plane was a pilot himself and knew as much as or more as we did about airplanes. Thank you so very much”!

-Gene K

“Your service is one of a kind and we appreciate it very much. We have now shipped with you on more than one occasion and it worked out perfect. Again thank you”.

-Linda L

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