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Heavy haul trucking in the 2019 winter.

Heavy haul trucking in the 2019 winter.

Here we are again. As most of you know the over size and heavy haul trucking industry (as a whole) has enough trouble with weather in the winter months. Freight volumes are lower due to travel restrictions. A government shut-down (20%+ less freight) is newer territory for our industry and with current low winter volumes (less more) we’re all going to feel this for at least the next 90 days. If you have a hard time seeing these numbers consider, NASA, DOD, FEMA, all kinds of goods for other agencies, direct gov’t contracts as well as all of the “sub” contractors. This is a fine mess.

So, hopefully you all stashed 6 months worth of pay away so you can afford to pay your electric bill – forget about truck payments! Sound crazy? Yes it is and we agree. In a section of the transportation industry that already has a shortage all the way around we’ve got to wonder how heavy haul carriers, as well as pilot cars will be available for the 2019 big summer freight push?

It is this authors personal opinion in this day and age a “gov’t shut-down” should not be able to effect the daily operations of our nation as this just doesn’t seem like freedom, justice nor liberty. Perhaps companies in the same shoes we wear should be subsidized so we can do a little sitting on our rears as well while we wait (with 1/4 million+ dollars in equip. in the driveway) for the higher ups to get it right?

Interesting idea. Subsidizing important providers that are essentially on standby by. Of course our country needs our services to grow but without a payday nothings going to be growing anytime soon.

Moving past the political realm. As usual there’s already a shortage of freight. It looks to be a harsh winter and if it continues the way it started frost laws may be in effect well into May in the Northern states. I suppose time will tell.

If you’re operating a heavy haul trucking company and would like to share your thoughts we’d love to hear them. Please feel free to use the comment box below.

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