It looks like we’ll see you in our heavy-haul and oversize trucking class!

Your payment for our heavy-haul and oversize trucking school has been processed and accepted. All students are required to have a valid commercial drivers license (CDL). You will need to perform the following functions in order to complete your registration.

  1. Photo or scan your CDL and send it via email to: (make certain you send it level with the screen and send us the full sized image as this will be printed on your badge that will be sent to you with additional class information via USPS Priority Mail.
  2. Please include the students name (and company name if you want it printed on your cab card and diploma) and physical mailing address. The USPS does not ship to PO boxes.
  3. You MUST have the exact physical badge we send you in order to attend our class. Be certain to put it in a safe place upon receipt and to have it in your possession each day of the class. Loosing your badge could complicate attendance and void your ability to attend our class if we are unable to verify you.

Class will start at 8 am on Monday April 20, 2020. All students must be present at the River Spirit Casino Resort, 8330 Riverside Pkwy, Tulsa, OK 74137  phone number: 918-299-8518. Simply ask the front desk or security booth for the exact location of the conference room.

Note: It is strongly suggested you stay at the River Spirit Casino Resort for the duration of the class. We are able to get your rooms discounted by almost 50%, offer airport shuttle services, complimentary breakfast and more which will save you hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars. Plus students will be able to relax within the resort and stay completely focused on learning this new skill-set.