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Heavy haul trailer types

Flatbed trailer ready for your equipment shipment  or quote.

Standard flatbed trailer 45’, 48’ & 53’ long x 96” or 102” wide.

Spread axle step deck trailer ready for your heavy haul shipment or quote!

Spread axle heavier haul step deck trailer 48’ or 53’ long x 96” or 102” wide.

Removable goosekneck trailer ready for your heavy equipment and free quote.

Removable gooseneck trailer (RGN) has different lengths of all sizes.  Usually under 53’ long.  Not used in heavy haul that much as it can’t handle much weight.

Double drop trailer for heavy haul and heavy equipment.

This is a standard double drop trailer.  Sizes vary in length but production models don’t exceed 53’ in length.  A common size for this trailer is 38-48’.

Double drop stretch trailer for heavy haul.

This trailer type is an extendable double drop heavy haul trailer. Note the extra axle. The extra axle enables it to handle more weight over the road without causing stress on the roads. This trailer slides out to accommodate the length of the load. This trailer type usually extends up to about 60’ but custom made trailers can extend even farther.

Heavy Haul schnable hook trailer.

This type of trailer is used for heavy haul trucking.  You can see where the hydraulics hold the object that is being transported into place.  While this is a general picture we’d refer to this trailer as a schnable trailer. Is has axles that will turn with the load so it is able to go around corners. Also note the gooseneck type as it simple connects to a drop hitch on the tractor.  These are very popular in hauling wind tower sections.

The basic heavy haul trailer size varies some.

All truck and trailer specs and dimensions are approximated and are to be used only as a basic guide. Axle configurations and manufacturers specs will vary.

  • Flatbed & step deck trailers length; 48-53’
  • Width; 96-102”
  • Height: 54-60”
  • Step deck height: 42-48”
  • Well lengths; 18-30”

Options” air ride suspension, racks and tarps as well as side curtains.  The over all legal height of the trailer plus the load is 13’ 6” in most states and provinces.  Loads higher will require oversize permits and in most cases a pilot cars or a escort vehicle.

Heavy haul trailers, Rgn’s, double drop and extendable double drops as well as flatbeds are available in various axle length and load limit variables depending on what kind of shipment they are designed for.

More information about heavy haul trailers.

Heavy haul trailers are used for shipping all kinds of huge and heavy stuff. They call them heavy haul trailers for a reason which is self explanatory; they’re made for transporting heavy objects over the road.  Many things that are transported with them like wind towers, gensets, generator sets, heavy equipment, turbines, homes, industrial plants, crane shipments, large fabrications, moving transformers, large timber, airplanes, jets and all kinds of stuff. When a heavy hauler is moving down the road or highway you can usually tell as they are accompanied by escort vehicles or pilot cars. Pilot cars usually have flashing lights and signs that say oversize load and flags even on the side of the load. Basically a heavy haul trailer is a flatbed trailer with a whole bunch a wheels and tires on some of them have a unit in the back it’s call the steerable jeep.  What a jeep does is makes the units steerable to get around corners. So there’s a driver in the back steering the shipment as well as a tractor in the front steering the shipment so they can get around a turn radius.  A good example of this is an antenna transporter. At one time they had to transport a radio telescope and it was 115 tons so they used a steerable heavy haul trailer to move that huge sucker. After this event the industry started to develop further and finally into what it is now today.

In many cases today heavy haul trailers are designed and manufactured specifically for a single item that they need to ship.  We see this a lot in the shipment of boilers and mining equipment, which require custom trailers. Trailers like this are used for a short time only and then scrapped. Of course they don't throw everything away, but they utilize all the parts and pieces for the next trailer they have to put together.

The whole reason the heavy haul industry exist in the first place is because you can only ship something that's so heavy over the road without damaging the road or highway. If a trailer has multiple axles it displaces the weight over and even surface area and doesn't cause any damage to the road structure. You can learn more by visiting Federal Bridge Formula and what is Federal Bridge Formula? So today we see more and more heavy all trailers in use on the highways. We see more more trailers with double wheels, single trailers with wider tires as well. Also notice super singles and trailers with more and more axles for overweight operations.  Of course to ship anything that's super heavy like that state, county, and sometimes even city permits are required to do it. They call these oversize trucking permits.

One of the things that does for the heavy haul industry is keeps the smaller companies in business. What we do here on this site is ensure that everybody has access to be able to bid or quote on a particular heavy haul or oversize shipment.  This way the smaller companies can keep in business as well instead of all the freight going to the bigger companies that have huge advertising budgets.  Were kind of a ballast or a balance in the industry that help keep things fair and the overall industry alive and thriving.

We connect you with the right machinery movers and equipment moving companies in North America shipping to all points including international shipping for private parties and business. Oversize flatbed trucking and heavy haul trucking company in every U.S. City, Canada, Mexico and Alaska.

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