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iDevSpot.com BizDirectory 2.7 2CO 2CO.com 2Checkout 2checkout .com mod script plugin plug in

We’ve had to have a 2checkout.com modification made for our Bizdirectory 2,27 so we figured we’d offer it to others who need it for a modest fee.  We have searched high and low for this modification and have not been able to find one so this is the only one available that we know of.

Things you should know;

  • This is not a self installing script.
  • You must make modifications to existing files
  • We will provide you with complete instructions for installing it.
  • If you need us to install it we will for an additional $30 (you must check out twice, then email us your ftp username and password).
  • We are not affiliated with iDevspot or BizDirectory.

This modification will enable users of BizDirectory 2,x, 2.7 to use 2co 2co.com 2checkout 2checkout.com to process credit cards or as a payment processor.  Once your customer has made their purchase from you, you must manually activate their account as the 2CO system is NOT compatable with BizDirectory 2.x but at least you don’t loose the client.

We are not affiliated with idevspot.com and this product/modification offer is offered as an after production modification to BizDirectory 2.x.  We do not assume the rights to the main script (BizDirectory).  This is merely a modification to extend the features of this product.  We are grateful to iDevspot.com and their software and use it ourselves.  Best wishes and thanks to all!

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for services provided by WideloadShipping.com


$30.00 USD

Buyer needs to know that we are located in the USA, in the Pacific Time Zone.  We monitor our e-mail heavily by portable notification at all hours but lightly from  12 midnight to 7am.  As soon as we see that your order has cleared we will email you a .zip attachment with instructions. 

We connect you with the right oversize flatbed trucking and heavy haul trucking company in every  U.S. City, Canada, Mexico and Alaska.

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This web site is dedicated to the heavy haul trucking industry as it’s what we do.  Drive safe and responsibly.

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