Highlights of our training program.


Highlights of what we teach in our driver class.

We work closely with each student to ensure they are able to grasp each and every part of our classes. Nobody is left behind no matter how difficult as we’re a solutions driven environment.


  • We cover the most common (RGN, DD, EDD, SD, ESD) lowered flat oriented and extendable trailer types.
  • Effectively communicating with 3rd party contractors as their team captain/commander on required jobs.
  • Truck and trailer servicing and pre-trip inspection procedures prior to loading.
  • Loading and securement procedures with full emphasis on safety.
  • Required lights, flags, signs, markings, classification and regulations of heavy-haul and oversize shipments.
  • Mathematics, geometry, vertical climbing and descending (we make it easy).
  • Axles weights and configurations in compliance with Federal Bridge Formula.
  • The overhead safety factor – what’s above?
  • Permits, police, pilot cars and public safety (the 4 P’s).
  • Routing 101 what to do and not do.
  • Driving in unison with pilot cars and escort vehicles.
  • Weather, visibility, advanced road safety – when to call it quits.
  • Lane changes, shoulder safety, traffic and speeds.
  • Complete confidence building. Outdoor driver training course so you can learn, refine and test your skills.
  • Growing list of companies that are actively hiring well trained drivers.


Highlights November 28, 2019