What we expect from you.


All applicants will be responsible for the following during the 12 full days of training:

  • Getting to the class location punctually. Showing up on time during the class hours. Full attendance on each day is mandatory.
  • Each student is responsible for his or her own transportation (free private airport shuttle available both to and from).
  • Each student is required to have a CDL in order to qualify for registration.
  • Each student is responsible for their own meals (we have plenty of snacks and lunch time foods). You are strongly encouraged to stay at the venue but this is not mandatory – potentially you could have this amount deducted from your tuition ($1,020.00) but we don’t advise it. Our corporate discount combined with access to healthy food and you not needing a rental car could make it cheaper than if you stayed in a “cheapy motel” If you are driving and wish to stay in your truck during the class simply let us know so we can negotiate a comfortable parking deal for you – possibly free.

We supply each student with the following:

  • Airport shuttle to/from the facility where the entire class will be held.
  • We mail each student a badge and information kit. Your badge is required each day of attendance.
  • Drive time with extreme widths which is everything. It will require a lot more than you might think. We gradually work you up to 18 feet in width. The process: permits, pilot cars, route survey is pretty straight forward. We teach you the process. You’ll drive our trucks and trailers as well as have access to all of our safety equipment if needed.
  • You are fully insured and so is all of our equipment. You are insured even to walk on the property.
  • All stationary, texts, materials and items needed to take the class. You are sent home with permanently laminated materials for easy reference in the field.
  • Certificate of completion awarded upon successful completion of the course. A laminated cab card is also supplied to each student at graduation which has the most important “right now” information on it. It is designed to fit on your sun visor and is laminated with UV protective plastic to last you decades.
  • Upon successful completion we give each graduate a list of heavy-haul and oversize trucking companies that are actively hiring drivers. We can even work with you for job placement although you will quickly realize you are in high demand. We refer our students only to well established companies that we have worked with in the past. You will realize just by the way you are treated you are in a position of responsibility.





responsibilities November 28, 2019