Tuition Payments Program.


Please first understand it takes effort to properly balance a payment spreadsheet. So the term “payments” used in any situation raises at least one eyebrow so to speak. However there are situations where it is required. We get requests almost daily if we’re able to accept them for our Heavy-Haul and Oversize Driver Certification program and is something we’re going to have to learn (with you) to grow in to.

The full fee for the class is $9,900.00 USD. Student’s making tuition payments (or one-time payment) will pay the exact same amount. While we may offer specials at times we don’t charge interest just because a person can’t cut a check that size whenever they wish.

If you choose the payment option and which ever option you do choose (check or credit card) you are required to make a initial payment of $1,000.00 to get started. After that the amount you pay is entirely up to you but your entire tuition needs to be paid in full 20 days prior to the class start date.

Option (the smart way) 1.

Mail us your check for the amount of your payment.

A few notes: Asking us to take payments from you secures a seat in a very limited class size. We are putting a lot of faith in you to follow through with your commitment. While drivers are needed in general there is a high demand for knowledgeable heavy-haul and oversize drivers. Leaving a seat empty that could have another student in it is simply irresponsible. In fact, it plays a small part in the entire North American economy and advancement in technology as oversize and heavy-items are required to be shipped in order for us to advance as a whole. If you think about things like global trade, space exploration, energy creation and health – the list goes on. So yes it is very important we get more drivers trained as we are simply unable to healthily keep up with the current demand needs of goods that need to be shipped. Weather, frost and thaw laws cut our season short. So please, if you are planning on making tuition payments communicate with us if you think you’re going to be late. You’ll find we’re easy going and can be helpful even if we must re-schedule you for the next class as there are 2 classes each year.

Do your best to plan ahead and get your entire tuition paid for well in advance. While this is not an upsale you could potentially pay your entire tuition costs with the money you earn after pulling 1 single load.

Option 2.

Making your payment with a debit or credit card.

If you decide making payments with a debit or credit card is the most suitable for you there are some things you need to know about. Online card processors charge a fee. We can not absorb these fees for you so any payment you make will be debited whatever amount we are charged. Currently if you were to choose Paypal as your payment option (no account required) we would deduct 2.9% plus 25 cents from the amount you paid as that is what we are charged. We also offer 2Checkout who charges a bit more. Whatever the going rate is at the time the payment is received is what we deduct from your payment. We have no fees and charge nothing for debit or credit card payments.

Additional info:

You can make a payment anytime you wish to day or night but if you do choose to make payments for your tuition be sure and touch base with us. Simply use the “FEEDBACK” button on the left hand side of your screen or the small icon with a envelope on it to contact us. We’ll need to get a copy/scan of the students CDL, a little bit of information and you’ll be set. After that our accounting office will see your payment whenever you make one and apply it to your account. It is always a wise choice to save the receipt you get after making a payment either digitally or by mail.

Make all checks payable to:

Our physical mailing address to send your payment to:
5434 River Road North, Suite 175
Keizer, OR  97303















Tuition Payments Program November 28, 2019