Logistics consulting

Heavy haul and logistics consulting.

Professional oversize and overweight logistics consulting.

Our logistics consultants are able to help you determine the path of least resistance which can save you valuable time and money.

In many cases equipment is just too large or too heavy and literally impossible to be reduced.  When this happens it’s clear you’re going to need serious help. We offer expert consultation for manufacturing engineers and designers that are required to design and ultimately have this type of machinery built.  Our core staff is made up of true experts with the ability to assess your projects requirements and assist you in bringing your project ideas from a paper piece of paper to moving  it down the road by interpreting what will work best for your project by keeping it in compliance with North American government state/province shipping regulations.

A few examples of how we can save you money and keep you in compliance:

  • Working with you in understanding federal bridge formula.
  • Determining required axles and spacings for mobile equipment design.
  • Routing your project from origin to destination and providing route surveys.
  • When applicable offering alternative transport solutions such as ships, barges, air and rail.
  • Providing onsite logistics management with problems solving solutions on the fly.
  • Superload and mega load movement observation and team management solutions.
  • Calculations in every aspect of super, mega and gigantic shipment loading and unloading.

Our team has extensive knowledge of existing infrastructure which helps us to predetermine potential possibilities without spending money on research that has already been performed. This translates into less spent on your bottom line which can save some jobs hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases even more. Our team is made up of the best of the best when it comes to assessing and dealing with logistics complexities.

Contact us so we can evaluate your project needs, remove the confusion from your project and figure out what is going to be the most cost effective solution for you.

Just a few of our previous clients:

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Consulting March 12, 2013

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