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International Oversize Load Shipping

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International Oversize Load and Equipment Transport Services

Wide Load Shipping has a specialized international transport team. They are trained and experienced to transport your oversize load overseas. Shipping heavy equipment internationally requires specific paperwork to ensure the load travels safely through customs. One of the most common methods to transport oversize loads internationally is port-to-port shipping. This is where your heavy equipment is picked up and transported to a port, where it will be loaded onto an awaiting ship. The oversize load travels over the ocean, arriving at another port, where it is then picked up and transported to the final destination. Not every country is on the coast, so the closest port to the final destination is chosen. The most common options for port to port transport are flat rack and roll on / roll off methods. Your dedicated international transport agent will determine the best choice to ship your oversize load overseas. 

The cost of shipping an oversize load varies. There are many things to take into account, including customs fees and shipping tariffs. Tariffs are the taxes applied to equipment and freight entering a country. Your international transport specialist will find the best international transport rate for your oversize loads. We have over twelve years of experience shipping heavy equipment overseas. Each client is provided a customized transport solution, tailored to fit your needs. Wide Load Shipping provides the best international equipment transport in the industry. Call now and get your international transport rate for an oversize load today!

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