Learn to prepare for shipping your aircraft.

No doubt it would almost be easier to fly your aircraft instead of shipping it over the road. However, if you need to do it this way you will need to learn to prepare for shipping your aircraft the right way. In this guide we will cover to basics on aircraft shipping preparation in order to help make sure that your transport experience goes as smooth as possible.

Learn to prepare for shipping your aircraft by using a checklist.

Preparation work pays off in the end.

Simple organized planning will most likely be the determining factor in how well your aircraft shipping project winds up in the end. Jets, airplanes and helicopters are sensitive tools that require the utmost care. If you plan ahead and are organized you are far more likely to get what you had expected at the end. We’re going to go over a few simple things just to juggle your brain a little to get you thinking ahead and jotting down notes.

  • Have your thought about how you will load and unload your aircraft onto and off of the trailer?
  • Considering that items like jets, airplanes and helicopters have delicate electronics will you need to remove any of them to make sure they are not damaged?
  • Are you shipping in a state that requires you to purge your fuel tanks for have a purge certificate?
  • Do you have a way to seal off the aircraft from moisture?
  • Do you have blocking materials to properly block your aircraft after it is loaded? Bring a saw to loading location as well.
  • Consider bringing straps to your loading site in case the transport company only has chains.
  • Have you created a bill of lading for your shipment?
  • Will you need to tarp your shipment? Many movers have tarps so be sure to ask them.
  • Have you checked to make sure your insurance company will cover you while in transit?
  • Can you further reduce your overall size by removing any other parts?
  • Are all moving parts secured so they are not flapping while being shipped?
  • Will you be laying your fuselage down on the deck of the trailer? If so do you have protection?
  • Is there anyway that you can lay down foam or any other substance down on the deck of the trailer to provide extra protection against vibration?
  • Does the trucking company you intend on using to ship your aircraft have air ride trailers?
  • Have you measured your aircraft accurately within 1/4 of an inch? Also checked it’s specs.

Answering any of these questions that pertain to your circumstances will surely save you time and possibly headache is you address them all now. Be smart and save yourself time and money by preparing your shipment properly ahead of time.

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