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Accessorial Charge Definition

What is the meaning of Accessorial Charge Definition?

This is any additional cost to the standard pick up and delivery charges. They could be fixed or variable fees. Accessorial charges aren’t per mile rate. Examples of accessory charges include shrink wrapping where the driver has to rewrap a pallet that’s poorly wrapped to ensure that the goods don’t get delivered damaged. When the drivers do loading and unloading that uses a pallet jack, it’s also an accessory charge. If the driver gets to the pick up location and the shipment isn’t ready due to the client, this is charged as layover accessory fee.

Accessorial Charge Definition - In The Field

Some logistic companies have a Truck Order Not Used (TONU) contract that leads to accessory fees if broken. This is when the client cancels shipment that was already scheduled. If the pick up or drop off location doesn’t have a traditional dock, some companies may add non-dock deliveries accessory charge. If the shipper requests for additional stops, they will be charged for it. Before booking a shipment, it’s always good to inquire about additional charges so that there are no surprises once you get the final invoice.

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