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What’s the Importance of Machinery Transport Insurance?

Machinery tends to be very expensive, and the last thing anyone wants is to lose their valuable investment during transport. Therefore, it’s always advisable to acquire machinery transport insurance with a professional like us. That means you are fully compensated if your machinery isn’t delivered in the condition it was picked in. Working with a professional and experienced machinery transport company like Wide Load Shipping reduces the chance of your machinery getting damaged because the best team in the industry handles it. However, sometimes accidents are out of our control, and insurance is the wisest way to ensure you’re safe. Regardless of the worth of your machinery, we will have it fully insured.

What’s the Cost of Machinery Hauling Insurance?

Wide Load Shipping also offers machinery shipping insurance to carriers in need.  We fully insure machinery transported by other companies at a fee. The cost of machinery transport insurance depends on the model, make, year, and season, among other factors. The insurance cost is included in the final estimate for anyone using our transport services. However, for carriers, we charge only for the insurance since they’re not using our transport services. Whether you’re shipping machinery with us or a carrier, we hand you a copy of our insurance with your name. With that copy, you can claim compensation directly from our insurer without contacting us. It’s fast, convenient, and reliable. In addition, you can contact our insurer with the information on the copy we handed you to confirm if your machinery is fully insured for transport. 

How to Claim Machinery Transport Insurance

When seeking our machinery insurance or transport services, we must fill out a bill of lading. We inspect your machinery and record all its information to show its condition before transport. We later use that form to confirm if it was delivered. If your machinery doesn’t match the information on the bill of lading form or photos taken earlier, contact our insurer immediately with a copy of our insurance to claim compensation. To protect machinery from damage, we load and unload them using cranes operated by professionals. We ensure a rigger crew is present to help with the process and secure it for transport. Oversize machinery is accompanied by pilot cars to guide drivers on the best roads to use and keep motorists at a safe distance. You can reach us through call, email, or fill out the form on our website for machinery transport and insurance services. 

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