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After managing this beast for almost 17 years online, I’ve recently has to ask myself why more companies don’t use specifically practice rules that aren’t big secrets anymore? Especially individuals like us who wear many hats daily plus managing our own websites. I’m convinced most people simply don’t understand how search engine algorithms work and preferred to pretend they’d eventually just go away. When you offer “premium” listings for $70-$100 a year (dinosaur “back links”) and your not flooded with listings you have to ask yourself what is wrong (or rather what are you doing wrong)? If you hired a SEO (search engine optimization) professional to make your own website place better in organic search results they’d quote you say $1500+ (and not even have to mess with any of your code) to produce the same results you could do yourself by properly creating a good quality backlink on any content related website over 15 years old. And they can even prove to you their “awesome” results thus putting a huge hook in your mouth.

Making your listing for for you.

It’s simple to get a backlink to work for you thus moving you from page 18 to page 1 or 2. Developers charge $1,500+ for this work.

Why not do it yourself?

Now there’s an original idea. Save yourself 900 smackaroos! If people knew the web worked this way our directories would be plugged. So here’s the big secret, this is how it’s done and what you will need:

  1. More than 600 words of original (not published anywhere else on the web) text. You want your keywords like state, company name, oversize, heavy-haul, etc. to be used 2.6 to 3% of the time. You can check your keyword density here free. To do this highlist the text you wish to check, then right click on the blue highlight and click “copy”. Then got to the density checker and select “Text” not url. Click one time in the text box, then right click and then click “paste”. This will drop the text you copied into the box and give you a report. Make certain you use all of your keywords and none of them rank over 3% or or 18 times if you typed exactly 600 words. Adjust the text accordingly and as soon as it is correct, highlight it, right click on it and select “copy”. Then go to your directory listing or login and click the edit icon, click once in the description field, right click and then click paste. You’re done.
  2. Be sure to upload as many original photos as it will allow you to. Also make certain you have used these photos nowhere else on the web so they are considered “original”.
  3. In the website URL box make certain you put in the “http://” before adding www.yourwebsite.com” or else the system will not record it properly nor create the important back link your after.
  4. Again, the proof is in the pudding. After you have activated (paid your account with us) go to: The Free rank checker and enter your website URL (without the http:// required) and enter some of your keywords about 10-20 days after your have completed your listing so the search engines have time to re-index your site/page.
  5. Suprise, suprise! Again, the proof is in the pudding. You went from obscurity towards the top results. This is exactly why our carrier directory is worth the meager fee we charge. Not only does it allow our 1,000,000+ human visitors see your listing, it also moves your website a considerable amount in the search results. What is better than this? Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more where that came from.

We’re so sure you will understand much more about how the search engines work as well as how valuable a listing in our 17+ year directory we’re offering you 50% off ($50 for a premium listing) if you activate your account by the first if the year. Create your account today and get your business on the right track.

We’ll be publishing more articles soon on how to rank high in search results.

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