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oversize permit form

Oversize permits form online.

You can now easily order oversize trucking permits online for all states and provinces in North America. Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you with further details about your permit request. If you have ordered from us before and have your truck and trailer on file with us already please use this form to save you time.

  1. Enter company name.
  2. Enter contact name.
  3. Enter office phone number.
  4. Enter cell driver/dispatcher.
  5. Enter your load/billing number.

  6. Give us the pick up and drop info as well as proposed routes. You may wish to fax or e-mail if detailed:
  7. Enter shipments starting address.
  8. Enter destination address of shipment.
  9. Enter states you need permits from: WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, TX, etc.
  10. Enter start date and estimated days to complete.
  11. Exactly which roads? You can fax this if needed.

  12. Please tell us about the particulars of your truck (we will store this for your next shipment):
  13. Make, model and year of power unit (tractor).
  14. State and license plate number.
  15. Enter VIN number for truck.
  16. Registered weight/maximums.
  17. Empty weight of your truck.
  18. Enter number of axles on truck.

  19. Please tell us about the particulars of your trailer (we will store this for your next shipment):
  20. Trailer manufacturer/model/year.
  21. State plate number on trailer.
  22. Enter the VIN/ Serial # for trailer.
  23. Length of the trailer only.
  24. Weight of trailer by itself.
  25. Enter number of axles on trailer.
  26. Distance from the king pin to the rear most axle.

  27. Please provide us with details about the item you wish to ship:
  28. Enter the item name you wish to transport.
  29. Enter specific details of intended shipment.
  30. Enter how long is item.
  31. Enter how wide is item.
  32. Enter how tall is item.
  33. Enter weight of item.

  34. Please tell us about your intended shipment once it's loaded onto your truck:
  35. Overall length once loaded.
  36. Overall width once loaded.
  37. Overall height once loaded on trailer.
  38. Total combined weight after loaded.
  39. All axle spacings ie: steer-tandem/king pin: 12', tandem to first quad group 10', first quad group to 2nd, etc.
  40. Axles weights only if overweight ie: steer: 12,000 lbs, tandem: 8,000 lbs, rear: 8200 lbs., etc.
  41. If item exceeds trailer in front enter how far.
  42. If item exceeds trailer length in rear enter how far.

  43. You have clearly read and agree to the following:

  44. Again, you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.
  45. Enter e-mail address. This is used for billing as well.

oversize permit form September 6, 2013