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Updated May 11, 2020


It should be noted that our mission is to hook pilot car companies up directly with carriers.

As many of you remember many years ago we created a live pilot car load board and posting system. Looking back, that system was ahead of the times as it was only used by about 10 pilot car companies. Most opted for simply using the directory which was a home based list type pilot car directory. Over the years we have learned that a directory isn’t really a very fair system. Not matter how you display the listings (alphabetical, random, last edited) someone has to be at the bottom of the list. So we’ve developed a position based pilot car load board system that will enable (with a phone app) pilot car companies to list both their home office as well as their available locations while on the road. What could be more fair than that? Click on a map and see who is the closest and choose them. Much more effective and efficient all of the way around.

Pilot car load board

Pilot car load board.

What do pilot car companies really need?

The pilot car load board system. First we’d like to clarify something by taking you back almost 10 years. WideloadShipping.com has thousands of loads a year being booked by carriers on our website as we’re a marketplace specializing in connecting carriers with direct customers. At the request of our carriers we created our first pilot car load board system which was more of a directory. They felt it would be handy for them to be able to search for pilot cars on our website rather than having to open a new browser and start searching. So to make things run more efficiently for them we created one and it has been a long, long row to hoe. At the very first the directory was free and alphabetically listed which was deemed unfair and the free listings brought in companies that were in no way equipped to deal with some of the monstrosities our carriers were shipping. So we started charging a fee and changed the listings to randomly listed which helped out a lot. Then we dumped ten thousand dollars into the first pilot car load board and live posting system that we knew of. This was a waste of time and money, the industry simply didn’t use it as it was way ahead of its time. Last year Google started releasing “panda” updates to their system and it hit our system hard. We had to completely restructure the system again to display the companies in the order of last edited. Now, we could have done nothing and the industry would not have been the wiser but we knew it was wrong and plunked down the money to have it done.

Ready for some new technology?

Which brings us to the present day. Most of our users know that we are getting ready to release a huge pilot car load board platform that is capable of managing everything from position based live postings to home office postings and includes a load board, credit reporting, facebook, twitter, video and more for pilot car service providers and even offers a phone app to boot. We’ve had many comments since our public announcement that the pilot car load board system is almost completed and very much appreciate all of the support from our followers. We’d like to mention that the reason we are doing all of this is primarily so our carriers can have good service and tools for locating pilot cars. Every year over a billion dollars in transportation costs exchanges hands through our website. After that it is about being responsible and fair to the pilot car industry by making sure each and every company has an equal opportunity to deal directly with our carriers and at very affordable prices. Nothings changed, its what we’ve always done from day one.


When asked about how we feel about other companies in the industry who are doing the same thing our thoughts are more power to you. More is better in this case and diversifying your efforts aggressively is healthy for companies and can give them an advantage as well as exposure to more potential customers. We are not here to compete with other companies but rather serve our carriers needs. We do caution the use of other services and suggest before spending your hard earned money that pilot car companies ask around before signing up for any service. In the past we’ve seen a few operations that simply could not offer the exposure they promised. So, spend a little time doing research. When looking for services to use we suggest using the search engines by running searches for what you think people that would need to hire a pilot car would type in. Ask other providers where they get the jobs they get and how are they connected with so many carriers and customers? Consider if they’re really trying to broker runs to you or do they sincerely want to hook you up directly with the customers? Ask other pilot car drivers what services work for them and finally if someone has something bad to say about our company then ask yourself what is their motive? There has to be one. We don’t ever broker anything. We connect companies up directly and offer monthly packages that cost less than a cup of coffee and have thousands of carriers using our site daily. Just like with our carriers our only objective with pilot cars is to connect them direct with direct customers in a way that is fair and efficient for all and we’ve dedicated our life to it. Learn about how we operate with carriers and just exactly what it is we do. Don’t assume we are like any other site out there, we’re simply not.

After many delays and countless hours of hard work you can look for our new pilot car load board system to be released toward the end of October 2013. Visit our main website and click on pilot cars or go to pilotrac.com If you would like to read more about pilot car loadboards and commentary within the pilot car industry please read this article.

pilot car loadboard

New PiloTrac system for live pilot car posting & more.

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