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Pilot Car Directory.

While the PiloTrac directory is far superior to any other our list based directory is an accumulation of over 10 years of pilot car and escort vehicle companies. Please free to use these resources.


Pre PiloTrac pilot car and escort vehicle directory.


NOTE: If you have not migrated your pilot car company to the new PiloTrac system yet please read these instructions on how to do so. You can also learn about the new system and how it operates.

This is the old list based pilot car location system:
Old list based pilot car location system

Below is the new location based pilot car location system:
New location based pilot car location system.

You can click on the images to enlarge them and it’s pretty easy to see which system is the easiest to use for companies that are trying to find truck escorts or pilot car companies to work with. While the old system serviced the industry for many years it simply was not very fair as someone always had to be at the bottom (it was a list). To where now the new pilot car location system features visible location based listings making it much more easier for companies in need of services to locate the company that is the absolute closest to their location based needs. We’re very proud to offer this new tool to the OS/OW trucking industry.