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You’ve got to admit this year’s been very good to us all with freight volumes up over 40% from this time last year.

Which reminds me we have a iPhone app that can be found in the iTunes store FREE and for you android users you can get a FREE copy in the Google Play store. Simply download the app, enter your username and password and you’re good to go! Remember not to hook up multiple devices on a single account though as it will detect it and freeze your account. 1 phone, 1 tablet and 1 home PC (on a single IP address and we collect all device MAC address ( ) in order to maintain some sort of order. So if you upgrade your phone/tablet/PC and it will not work just give us a call and we can investigate it for you. Also, keep your same account when you first signed up(write it down somewhere). The days of multiple free trials are over forever. We had our server software upgraded too. Also hint: We have some super cool phone apps coming later this summer. We’re truly changing portions of our industry. Forever.

We’ve been getting a lot more flatbed and power only requests which is another reason to use your portable device; see it, book it, haul it and get paid. Plus we recently added a new “truck posting” feature for you + you get free advertising and in the event of an emergency it’s always good to know where all of the BIG BOYS are. We’ll be adding refined search features to the loadboard app this summer as well so look for that new feature very soon. ( has made owner operators and trucking companies literally hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the last 14+ years, taking millions of hits each month and this isn’t a snake oil sales jingle. If you’re not busy right now then you’re looking in the wrong places and need a proven affordable hook up. We’re only $40 a month or pay yearly and save even more. We also now have the Direct Customer archives section so you can send a friendly email introducing your company and the services you provide directly too the customer if you like that particular weight/route. Remember our primary objective is to connect the owner operator direct with the shipper and 14+ years of a good solid repeat customer base is telling us we’re getting it done!

Quick notes:
* Whenever you click on PilotCars ( anywhere on the website or in the phone app it takes you straight to PiloTrac ( . PiloTrac ( is a map full of pins listing the home bases in red and (LIVE) available pilot cars looking to get home in blue. You can click on the “available dates” calendar to see who is going to be where on any certain date. You don’t have to sign up and it’s FREE for carriers. It’s where all that action goes down – so use it! (

* All summer long we will be updating all of the state/province rules and regulations. If you know something we don’t or want an added feature simply comment at the bottom of that page (all regulations pages have comment boxes) and not only will we see it, we’ll reply (another good free advertising tactic as long as it’s good clean non-repetitive text.
* It’s about that time of the year to check on your listing in our directory ( if you happen to have one. Two things have happened you need to be aware of: 1.) Google now suggests 900 words minimum (with keywords used from 7-9% contained in the body of the text) in order to be considered for top placement. But, we’ll promise you this; if you take the time to do it you will place better than you EVER have before in the search engines and that is a promise (top 10 organic). I’m not sure you’re aware of this but a web SEO company would charge you a minimum of $1,000 a month for this. But, if you need help – it’s not a problem at all. We have the best SEO guy on the planet which is why we place so well. Just send us a friendly email and we’ll help you move past whatever the trouble it is you may be having.
* Google ( very much likes pictures now that it has tineeye ( technology and can read all of the camera coding (EXIF data) and knows what the image is of. Not only that but the listings rotate by “last” edited not random or alphabetical. For some reason (maybe because we’ve had it up so long) our directory takes millions of hits each year. It works well we know – if it didn’t nobody would renew their listings. Most of the companies in it are repeat customers. If you’re not listed in it GET IN IT AND FIND OUT WHY! YOU CAN’T MAKE MORE MONEY IF YOU CAN’T BE FOUND!


Last but certainly not least. SAVE YOUR MONEY! These last few years have been tough at times so instead of buying that new flashy car or new fancy guitar or whatever it is. Wait a little while. Let’s see if this economy is going to keep booming and making us all bank! If so great and if not you’re prepared,

The absolute best.

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