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Power Only Transport Services

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Quality Power Only Trucking Services

Power only trucking is a method of transportation where the carrier provides the truck and driver. The client has a trailer with equipment that needs a “power unit” to pull it. Power only shipping can also be used for RV and travel trailers that you need hauled across the country. Power only trucking is used for local and long distance transports. This could be a semi truck power unit or a heavy duty truck that’s utilized to pull a hot shot trailer. Power only transport works in a variety of instances, making the shipping process easier for the client. 

Wide Load Shipping provides power only trucking all across the country. Your dedicated agent will find the best price for your power only transport. Certain things that affect the cost of power only shipping are deadhead distance traveled, along with the weight and size of the trailer. Also if equipment is being transported on the trailer. Wide Load Shipping provides an all-inclusive power only trucking quote, with no hidden fees. For over twelve years, we’ve provided top quality power only trucking services that clients know they can rely on. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and only work with the best drivers for power only trucking. Find out more about our power only transport services now!