Professional Driver Nutrition Awareness.

Professional driver nutrition.

Making healthy food choices on the road isn’t always so easy. Help us promote healthy choices!

North America professional drivers need to make healthier food choices. Driver nutrition needs to be pushed harder.

There’s no doubt about it if you’re a professional driver the options for healthy foods on the road are slim to none. Driver nutrition doesn’t seem to be a hot topic.  Truck stops are crammed with junk foods. Whether it’s a shelf item designed to set for 6 months or a fast food chain that managed to set up shop in the same building we shower in the plain truth is there’s not too many healthy choices available. Drivers need fresh green produce and fruit as well as healthy carbohydrates and fluids more than the average Joe for the most obvious reasons and there’s not many companies that will choose social responsible business practices over a high profit if any at all. In 2014 plans to raise awareness of this issue and hope to make postitive change. Many retailers have decided to help by offering fresh fruits which is greatly appreciated but there’s still much work to be done in this area.

If you’re an author or interested in contributing towards this cause you are strongly encouraged to contact us. We’re in need of a nutritional author to lead this campaign for 2014 so please do not hesitate to let us know what you have in mind.

We’re not looking to take all of the junk foods out of truck stops but merely have them participate more. The driver is the one who is spending the money at their business so it’s in their best interest to help keep these drivers healthy so they can purchase more goods. If they do not wish to participate then they are simply going to loose money as we plan on pushing the issue of professional driver nutrition to a new level in hope that professional drivers will pack their own foods from home and live a much longer, productive life by doing so. We plan on lobbying to Food and Drug Administration to help raise awareness as well.

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