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State Shipping Regulations

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State Shipping Regulations for Oversize Loads

State shipping regulations vary. Each state has their own rules for oversize and super load transports. For instance, in Washington, the maximum legal length of a load, before requiring permits, is 75ft. The neighboring state, Oregon, has a maximum legal length of 53ft. If your oversize load is going on a short haul in the same state, it’ll be much easier to figure out the regulations and pull the appropriate permits versus a cross country super load transport that requires much more in order to ensure you’re legally transporting it. It’s essential to know the shipping regulations for each state your oversize load is shipped through. 

Wide Load Shipping as extensive knowledge of shipping regulations in every state. We’ve compiled a guide for each state for quick reference. Our transport team ensures that every oversize load transport adheres to state regulations, ensuring the safest haul possible. Transporting oversize loads, wide loads, and super loads requires precision and attention to detail so that the equipment is shipped safely and delivered on time. Find your state for more information on shipping regulations or call one of our transport agents now!