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Super Load Transport Services

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The Best Super Load Shipping Services

Wide Load Shipping is the best company to transport your super load. A super load is the next step after a load exceeds a state’s regulations for oversize load transport. A super load can exceed the permit limit in length, width, weight, height, or all of them. Once a transport falls into a super load category, it takes longer to plan the shipment. That’s because specialty permits are needed, a route survey must be conducted, and everything must be completely approved before transport. Wide Load Shipping has over twelve years of experience shipping super loads all across the country. We provide everything you need in one all-inclusive quote. 

A dedicated Wide Load Shipping specialist will walk you through every step of super load shipping. You’ll know exactly what to do to prepare your super load for transport, what to expect during loading, shipping, and delivery. Your transport specialist will pull the necessary permits, ensure the route survey is done properly, and find the best pilot cars for transport. Wide Load Shipping is the best super load transport company in the industry. Call now for a super load transport rate! 

Types of Super Loads We Transport

  • Excavators
  • Mining Equipment
  • Tanks
  • Bridge Parts
  • Wind Energy Equipment
  • And Mor

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