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We thank you very much for your order!

Thank you for your business!
We appreciate serving our industry and thank you for your business!

When you deal with us you’re dealing with a small company of industry professionals who have operated right here online since 2003. We’re in this area of the transportation industry because we’re passionate about it and absolutely adore helping to develop and shape the future of this wonderful industry. In fact, if you have a any ideas or suggestions on how we can better serve our industry we’d enjoy speaking with you.

We are wholly committed to not just serving but expanding on the existing tools we all work with daily. This entire site and it’s content and functionality is solely designed and based on feedback from people just like yourself.

Here are some things you may like to know about the order you just placed:

1. We’re instantly notified of all orders 24/365. We’re always proactive but duty bound from 9 am until 4 pm Monday thru Friday Pacific Standard Time so if you feel you need to contact us outside of these hours sending us e-mail works the best.

2. Most purchases are instantly credited. If you ordered a item that requires downloading and paid via PayPal it may not be instant which means it will need to be manually sent. Rest assure we see your order and will e-mail it to you as quickly as possible. If you ordered an item that requires downloading via our merchant account (2CheckOut) it will be automatically sent to your email address within minutes.

3. Each and every order we process is assigned to an agent so regardless if it’s automated or not a live person is aware of your purchase and monitoring it to ensure either your account is properly credited or the item/link has been e-mailed to the e-mail address you used to check out with.

4. It is possible at peak times someone may be ahead of you. We process all orders in the order they come in. However in some cases of urgency or time sensitive, time zone differences we may choose to process a customer that is actually behind you. In reality, we’re able to process orders so quickly you’d probably never know the difference unless we were involved in a emergency as we are first responders for logistical needs in North America. All of our customers needs are top priority to us and we’re proud to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

5. Please remember that accuracy is the absolute most important thing in every aspect of the heavy haul and oversize trucking industry. If any portion of your order contains incorrect information we usually catch it and correct it for you immediately. However, it is possible the item you placed and order for may not be valid and you may not only be at risk but liable for ANYTHING that could/can happen if the faulty information was entered by you. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know how important the transfer of all information is and what is most important to our customers. So it’s pretty rare that a mistake entered in by a customer isn’t caught by us. Nice to know.

We love our area of the transportation industry and thrive on our customers curiosity. If you think we can help, don’t be shy!

We look forward to working with you today as well as in the future. Be sure to tell your friends about the great services we offer at

Interesting tidbit: these days all financial institutions that initiate digital transactions do so via a minimum of 128 bit SSL encrypted processing.  It’s pretty interesting just how secure 128 bit is:  128-bit (2^128) equals 2 multiplied by 128, 128 times over = 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (give or take a couple trillion). Pretty cool how powerful technology is these days.

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