Bridge clearance software. Height program for trucking.

July 13, 2013 – updated March 19, 2016 is in the process of designing a bridge clearance software program for trucking companies to avoid height related structures like bridges, utility lines and other road obstructions thus making the routing of oversize loads easier for dispatchers, trucking permits and pilot car companies. We will be sending out a memorandum to the USDOT as well as all US lower 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada asking them to share their bridge height and low clearance data with We will then make this data available to users of our website for free with more advanced functions like saving routes, truck and trailer registration information among others. This extra feature will be available for a small fee for our trucking permit customers who need up to date data for routing oversize loads in order to file for state OS and OW trucking permits. Part of the plan will include a user interface for state DOT offices to use in order to upload their current data to in order to streamline the efficiency of the process making it easy to keep the data up to date. Trucking companies, pilot car companies and even people interested in contributing to the bridge clearance height software program for trucking companies will be able to upload data and comments to the system for review as well. We anticipate this to be the largest single freely available database of road and highway bridge clearances for North America. The map will also include feeds from all state DOT websites that will include construction zones and live traffic reports that users can consider when routing their shipments.

Bridge clearance height.

Bridge clearance height program for trucking companies, pilot cars and trucking permit dispatchers.

UPDATE: November 12, 2013

We’ve got the software program basics completely designed and are plugging in the finer details as required per interfacing with each source or function need. Hosting requirements for our live web version and have been decided with the largest issue of a cloud hosted GIS (geographic information systems) server dealt with. We now know exactly how and what it will take to run a powerful system like this for multiple concurrent users (up to 50,000 simultaneously).


Our bridge height software program will be hosted on a cloud based GIS server. We will include bridge weights as well. Photo courtesy of

We are currently not 100% sure on which route finder program we will use. Google does have one however usage limits restrict it to 50 calls per day. We are in the process of finding out what it will cost us to lease this from them but aren’t real concerned at this point as there are many accurate and reliable route mapping programs available. One thing that we’re pleased to share with our fans is that this system is being built from the ground up by our team and we will own full the rights to the program which will enable us to offer it for free. In the past having access to a data program this powerful could easily exceed $50,000 a year of more.

To conclude with this progress update we are confirmed moving into the actual build phase of this program. We expect to lay down the first few lines of code (out of millions) on November 18, 2013. Anticipated release will be the winter months of 2014, just in time for the summer season. is proud to be paving the way to affordable and accurate technology for the oversize and wideload trucking industry.

For anyone interested in any way contributing anything to this project is strongly encouraged to contact us. At the moment we are in need of accurate public data sources for maximum bridge weights for North American states and provinces. We would be more than happy to accept resources for global data as well. If you feel that you have anything that may help this project,  again please contact us.

Update March 19, 2016

Finally we’re onto something and we have a name for it; NaviLow (TM). We’ve been able to slowly but surely collect data from various carriers and pilot car companies as well as have different States and Provinces that have submitted information to us for the NaviLow project on their bridge heights and utility obstructions to include but not limited to: railroad bridges, pedestrian bridges, highway and road bridges, low utility lines and more. One of the most challenging aspects was to take all of this data (GPS coordinates) and get them into a single file format as it seemed each one submitted was in a different format. So, we hired a merge/purge expert that was able to to export/import all of the data into the standard we chose (.csv format) so we could then export it into one of the different file types used by the many devices used today to display this type of information. Currently in North America (USA and Canada) we have about 7,000 locations (way-points) to list. We have tested the data in Streets and Trips software but found out we will need to create about 120 icons that state the height of the obstruction on them. We are in the process of that now which is tedious to say the least. We plan to initially release a version of our program that will be compatible with the Apple OSX as well as Microsoft Windows, Streets and Trips, IOS and Android users that have Google Earth installed, Garmin and TomTom devices. Eventually we will expand to other devices to include generic ones as well letting the user choose the format in which they need the data in. While some of these programs offer utility obstruction in them as a default, our NaviLow database will much more inclusive (thousands more) as well as be user interactive meaning that a user can report the height of any obstruction and once a second user reports the same data it will automatically be verified and update notices will be sent to all of our users via email.

NaviLow will be the only program of its kind that we are aware of anywhere on the market so we anticipate a very positive response to our service offering. With that in mind we hope to release NaviLow for a very fair price of $39.99 to include one year of updates or a lifetime of updates for $69.99 – both per device. Each NaviLow release will be coded to install only one time and any update will need to have the initial release installed on the device or it will not work properly to ensure users are not installing it on multiple devices. A pricing structure for companies with fleets will be available as well. We anticipate not only interest from the oversize trucking industry but private parties such as RV owners, busses, owner operators and even individuals towing tall equipment such as boats behind their pick up trucks. Our interest is in providing industry and the general public with a warning system that offers alternatives to obstructions that could potentially cause loss of live, injury or public/private property damage(s).

We will report on our further development of NaviLow as it continues. We thank you for your support and interest. Please bookmark this page and check back soon. Go NaviLow!!! and
Not only serving you now, but also in the future!

Update: May, 16th, 2016

Whoa, low clearance data here we come! We’ve got some AWESOME tools coming from the GPS data that has been manually served and collected to a new gizmo that allows all of our users to report bridge, utility, tunnels, trees – whatever obstruction it is to us on the fly with the push of a button. This info will be sent directly to our ERSI server for verification by our staff which will then become a live update as soon as it is verified. Look for on NaviLow more soon!

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