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Canada Shipping Regulations

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Canada Oversize Load and Heavy Equipment Shipping Regulations

Canada has its own set of oversize load transport regulations when shipping throughout the country. While the U.S. varies by state, regulations in Canada vary by province. Classification of freight is determined by maximum per axle weight, according to each province. In Quebec, for instance, permits are valid for seven days, and you must have the permit before transporting to the province. Their permits are also printed in French instead of English, which is something to keep in mind. In Ontario, however, you still have to have the permit prior, but it’s only valid from three to five days. Because each province has their own set of oversize load shipping regulations, working with a company with extensive knowledge and experience is essential. Wide Load Shipping transports throughout all of Canada, pulling the proper permits, and adhering to regulations by province. 

Knowing the specific Canada shipping regulations per province is essential to provide safe and legal transport. For instance, certain provinces have specific hours in which an oversize load transport can not travel on the roads. A driver transporting heavy equipment over certain dimensions may receive a hefty fine if they don’t follow the proper province regulations. Shipping from Canada to the United States, or vice versa, requires separate paperwork to ensure the oversize load crosses the border legally. Wide Load Shipping has a dedicated international team to ship oversize loads to and from Canada. You’ll receive everything you need to ship your oversize load to Canada. Call Wide Load Shipping and get your Canada oversize load transport quote now! 

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