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Wide Load Shipping has an experienced team of transport agents to find the most affordable rate for your oversize load transport. Several factors go into a shipping quote. A standard load doesn’t need permits, but may still need to factor in toll prices, gas, and more. An oversize load requires permits, pilot cars, and more. Each of these things factor into the rate. Another factor that goes into shipping quotes is the time of the year. Certain months offer lower rates. Summer is an ideal time to transport, because there are less weather hazards such as snow on the road. During the winter, certain states have Frost Laws that must be abided by. The permits required vary by state as well. 

Because so many factors go into an oversize load, super load, or even standard load transport, speaking with a logistics agent is imperative. Our transport agents have the knowledge and experience to find the best shipping rate based on your needs. Attempting to get prices directly from trucking companies without working with a logistics company can result in higher rates than you expect. At Wide Load Shipping, we know how to get the most affordable rate available. Call now and speak with one of our transport agents for a shipping quote!