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To get a free shipping estimate, you can contact Wide Load Shipping through a call, email, or fill out the form on our website. When you speak to one of our shipping agents or fill out the form, you need to have all the details about your equipment. That includes the name of the item, make, model, pick-up and drop-off locations, dimensions, weight, shipping date, email, phone number, and any other helpful information. With that information, we’re able to determine the cost of shipping your equipment. So ensure you don’t leave out any important details about your equipment to avoid a shipping fee increment or inconvenience during the transport date. When you send us information about your shipment, we’re not only able to determine the shipping cost, but our experts identify the right trailer for transport and any other resources needed. 

How to Determine Equipment Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping equipment will depend on its dimensions, the number of miles to be traveled, season, route, weight, and condition. The larger and heavier the equipment, the more the cost. That’s because a more extensive and specialized trailer is needed to accommodate the size and weight.  The more the miles, the higher the fuel consumption, meaning you will pay more. During the peak seasons, it’s recommended you make a booking early. You will not only pay an affordable cost, but you will secure a spot. Do not hesitate to contact us through the website, call, or email to get a free equipment shipping estimate.

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