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Equipment shipping and what you need to know.

Equipment shipping quotes.

With equipment shipping as you can imagine there’s quite a few different ways to ship equipment. Everything plays a factor. From the weight of your equipment, the height, the width and length, what route it needs to travel and all kinds of elements as far as state regulations take part in getting equipment transported properly and legally. Then factor in loading and unloading as well as looking at options to reduce the size and weight and you have a lot on your hands without even thinking about insurance and finding the right movers. What we’re here to help you do is reduce the confusion and get you on track with a protocol to follow. Organization is the key. So in order we’re going to look at the best ways for you to proceed in general, then you can adjust your needs accordingly depending on the size or weight as well as route you have to work with.

Breaking it down so you have something to work with.

So, no we’re not referring to breaking down the size of your equipment but rather the entire shipping process. Here we’ll guide you through the basic steps and outline them so you can then move on to the next appropriate topic or procedure that applies to your shipment. Moving right along to the final phase. So let go thru the basics here.

  1. The first thing you are going to want to do is to find out the dimensions of whatever the item you intend on moving is. If it is actual “equipment” as in “heavy equipment” then we suggest you measure the item you need to ship down to the last 1/4 of an inch. This is a very important part of the process and we will explain that in detail in our guide to measuring your equipment. For general equipment specs you can visit RitchieSpecs.
  2. Once have your exact dimensions you are going to want to get a equipment shipping quote from a qualified equipment shipping company. You can do that here on our website as we have dispatchers watching our system all day long from equipment shipping companies that are looking for new customers. We suggest you get quotes from at least three different equipment transport companies before deciding which one to choose. We also suggest you read our guide on selecting the right equipment shipping company for your needs. There are many factors to consider besides which company has the lowest quote. Type of trailer for instance, air ride trailers or regular suspension. Does the transport company have enough cargo insurance to cover your value and more.
  3. Once you have posted your shipment it’s a good idea to fill out a bill of lading so you are ready for the driver of the moving company as he will need this document in order to accept the item and load it onto a trailer.
  4. You will also want to start thinking about insurance. More than likely your piece of equipment is not insured for transport purposes so you are going to want to make sure that it is properly insured before attempting to ship it. You can read more about making sure your equipment insured in our guide that covers equipment insurance.
  5. The next thing to think about is the actual loading and unloading procedures for your equipment. Will it require a crane? Will it need on at both ends? What exactly is needed to properly load and unload your piece of equipment?
  6. You are going to need to think about preparing your equipment for shipping as well. Does it need to be covered to keep it from getting wet? Does it have fuel tanks that need to be drained? Does it have sensitive electronics that will need to be removed before transport? You can learn more about this by reading our guide on preparing your equipment for shipping.
  7. Another item to consider is blocking and lumber. Often times its better to be prepared with items like a saw and lumber in order to properly block your item once it is loaded onto the truck. Extra items like bailing wire and even duct tape are many times helpful tools to have on site when loading to make sure all parts of your equipment are properly secured before transporting.
  8. Negotiating fair payment terms so you are making sure that the shipping company handling your equipment is doing a proper job without you paying out all of the money up front. Learn about rate confirmations and shipping agreements so you know what you are getting in to.
  9. Being prepared in the unfortunate event that your equipment was somehow damaged while in transit and knowing what you can and can’t do legally.

So this will provide you with a chronological order of how to manage your shipping project. You can put one step ahead of the other like “insurance” before “lading bill” but for the most part you will want to keep with this order. If you are at least one bit curious about something be sure to read the guide on that particular topic so you can get complete clarification of the issue. There are some things that you can get into serious trouble with like refusing to pay your freight bill in the event your equipment shows up damaged. That is not the case at all. Federal laws govern this making a claim a whole separate issue. Believe it or not you can actually be arrested on the spot (seriously) for refusing to pay on a freight bill so make sure your read our guides. This is serious stuff. We want for your equipment shipping experience the be the best it can be and that means prepping you with as much knowledge we can before you start this process.

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Equipment shipping quotes.

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