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Oversize and heavy-haul trucking quotes.

Shipping your products is a breeze with our platform. Simply post your oversize or heavy haul shipment to our loadboard and interested trucking companies will contact you with a quote. No account required. Fast and free!



Loadboard for trucking companies.

Specialized carriers are working smarter with our simple shipping platform to meet new customers. Keep your trucks rolling, make more money and start expanding your customer base today.



Pilot car companies.

We deliver opportunities to pilot car companies by offering a listing where carriers can locate you when they need you. Our interactive map shows where you are today and tomorrow. We keep it simple!

Heavy-haul & oversize trucking quotes.

Load posting is free quick and easy so you get fast results.  Post your shipment to our extensive network of wideload, heavy haul, and oversize trucking companies compatible with your shipment size, weight, ship dates can contact you. Our platform is industry-specific and has been serving North America for over 20 years. Our success in connecting shippers with customers has extended our service offering globally. Get your company connected with specialized trucking dispatchers today! Start your quote.

Stay connected…our loadboard delivers.

If you specialize in wideload, heavy haul, or oversize shipping our opportunities may be a perfect fit for you. Meeting new customers that are actively shipping is easy using our simple shipping platform and archive system. Have a look at a few of the loads that have been posted. Our service offering provides a unique opportunity to communicate with new shippers as well as market your company to customers for your future consideration.

We’re always looking for good pilot cars.

We offer excellent opportunities for pilot car companies. Our network of specialized carriers appreciates our live pilot car directory. Once they complete the process of “sealing the deal” with a customer they know just where to locate competent pilot car companies. Our platform is based on your home base location (permanent pin) and live location of available equipment today as well as in the future. Place your company location pin in the map today and start using our live pilot car system so carriers can see where you’re located in real-time. We’ve been polishing our system for over 17 years and offer basic accounts for less than a dollar a week.

Trucking Permits.

Oversize, heavy haul, oversize, superloads, blanket, trip/fuel, and more. Our exclusive relationship with highway-permits gives you exclusive access to the absolute best trucking permit service we know of hands down and the most affordable too. Let them know we sent you and we’re more than sure they will take very good care of you.

State and provincial trucking regulations.

You’ll find our viewer interactive North American trucking regulations are not only up to date with detailed information but offer visitors to leave comments as well which ensures you are not only up to date on legalities but aware of any recent buzz. In addition, we have seasonal frost/thaw law road restrictions, federal bridge formulas, live highway conditions, and FMCSA hours of service updates. We’re here to ensure you have the information you need as well as critical advisories.

Interested in becoming a heavy haul or oversize load driver?

Our oversize and heavy-haul driver education training program is available for qualified drivers. We offer a comprehensive specialized driver program that propels dreamers like we once were into the specialized trucking industry. Our training program is not for the light-hearted. It requires dedication, commitment, and responsibility which will transpire into a life-changing experience for each and every pupil. Once completed students who seek opportunity within our industry will find it.  We’re the springboard that will propel graduates in the heavy-haul and oversize trucking industry. Learn more.

*as low as if paid yearly. 


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