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Does Your Load Need Overheight Permits?

Overheight permits must accompany a load taller than the allowed limit within a state. Through acquiring the permits, you notify the state’s department of transportation about your load on a specific date, its dimensions, weight, pick-up, and drop-off location, and trailer used, among other information. With that information, they can advise you on the best route to use, inform you if pilot cars will be necessary, and prepare the route for you. Road preparation means all hindrances, such as billboards, are moved to a higher height or completely removed. Below is a table showing the legal height limit in all states.

StatesHeight Limit
California, Arizona, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota,


Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, 

Nebraska, Colorado14’6’
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Virginia, Vermont, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Tennessee, Mississippi, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, Washington DC



Overheight Permit Costs

The cost of overheight permits depends on how much you’ve exceeded the legal limit. For example, if the legal limit is 14’ and your load is 17.5’, you will cater for the extra 3.5’. However, that’s not always the case, depending on the trailer you use. For example, a flatbed trailer might cost you more than a lowboy trailer due to its structure. A lowboy trailer is close to the ground, which will compensate for your load’s height.

OverheightOne Trip
Exceeding by 0 to 5 feet$6.00
Exceeding by 5 to 6 feet$8.50
Exceeding by 6 to 7 feet$10.50
Exceeding by 7 to 8 feet$12.50
Exceeding by 8 to 9 feet$15.50
Exceeding by 9 to 10 feet$18.50
Exceeding by 10 to 11 feet$21.50
Exceeding by 11 to 12 feet$25.50
Exceeding over 12 feet$27.00

How to Acquire Overheight Permits

Overheight permits are acquired from the State’s Department of Transportation where the load will be passing. For example, if your load has to pass through 4 states before it gets to the final destination, you need to acquire overheight shipping permits from each state if the limits are exceeded. Wide Load Shipping will help you pull all the necessary overheight permits and transport your load safely. Contact us today at (877) 792-5056.

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