About our oversize and heavy-haul driver class.

We hope to resume in 2022. All classes canceled.


6 axle heavy-haul-trailer

For our driver training class we will use a minimum of a 7-axle trailer plus 4 axle tractor training up to 18′ wide with weights up to 135,000 pounds (California legal) so you are ready for all aspects of the job from driving to directing your team.

Take your truck driving career to the next level.

We offer the only heavy-haul and oversize truck driver training class we know of in the world. We provide each student with over 80 hours of class and drive time behind the wheel of one of our power units (with sleeper) and heavy-haul trailers. After graduating you’ll have a complete understanding of all aspects of heavy-haul and oversize transport all the way up to “superload” classification (under 200,000 pounds). You’ll also have full confidence in what you are doing and be prepared to orchestrate your shipment and entire team from pick-up to delivery. Each student is worked with individually until they’re able to comfortably demonstrate a complete comprehensive understanding of the entire skill-set required to safely manage transport from start to finish. Each student will graduate a team commander and never assume any 3rd party contractor such as a bucket truck, pilot car, permit provider, etc. knows just exactly what to do in any given situation. Instead they’ll have a bulletproof plan, share it and oversee it while at the same time safely transporting their shipment. Continue to registration/payment page.

Our awesome training staff is equipped with well over 200 years of combined experience solely in the expertise of heavy-haul and oversize trucking all of the way through superloads which are the largest and heaviest items on earth. It’s what we’ve done all of our professional lives and our love for it is clearly written all over each of us.

Truck driver training.

Heavy-haul & oversize transport training.

Invest in yourself, your career, your education. 

Average oversize/heavy haul driver pay ranges from 65-80g per year. Top performers earn 120g+ per year. Most heavy-haul and oversize drivers work 7- 8 months out of the year, drive fewer miles than other drivers and have job security that will extend well beyond their lifetime.

This is a simple decision for many. This area of the transportation industry has had a generational training gap which has created an enormous shortage of heavy-haul and oversize truck drivers. If you want to advance into specialized trucking you’re spot-on with your timing as now is a wise time to do so. Why? The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s drivers got a nice full taste of the financial opportunity offered here. Understandably they weren’t eager to share their knowledge with many others.  This was and is still is a very coveted trade but the truth is we need more trained drivers. Many more.

What you can expect after graduating our class.

Upon successful completion of our course you will feel confident with driving, directing and managing over-dimensional shipments up to 18′ in width (more than double the legal maximum width of 8′ 6″). You will also be fully proficient in heavy-haul shipments ie: all calculations from federal bridge formula to axle space, configurations and weights of up to 200,000 lbs. *You’ll be set for life as far as job security goes in this field. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of companies that are actively hiring. As long as your driving record is reasonable and you’re easy to work with getting employment in the industry should be a breeze as long as you don’t have any unreasonable demands.

*Each student that attends our class is not guaranteed to graduate. However, we work closely with our students to ensure each can demonstrate full working knowledge with total confidence. Testing is based on 3 parts:

  1. Knowledge.
  2. Ability.
  3. Safety.

Each student must have a single minimum score of 90% (A-) or a combined total of 275 points out of 300 total to graduate. We are unable to graduate/endorse anyone that is not A grade to perform at this level on a public road or highway. All test questions are covered thoroughly during training both in the classroom and the field.

We do not offer financial aid at this time. We are very interested in offering our students any type of grant(s), if you know of any that may apply please let us know about them.

Tuition for the class is $9,900.00. Continue to registration/payment page.

The future of this industry is very clear.

The majority of North Americas heavy-haul and oversize trucking drivers have retired in the last 20 years. Because this is a very coveted position within the industry few were trained to take over these driving positions. As technology grows, so does the weight, size and volume of heavy-haul and oversize shipments. This next new freight volume wave will be partially created by media hype of global warming and greener, smarter energy. This will impact freight volumes for decades as we source for new resources with less carbon emissions. The wind turbines were just the beginning. Specialized freight volumes will continue to increase and there’s simply not enough trained drivers to meet the demand.

Heavy-haul and oversize truck driver training course.

Canadian drivers are welcome to attend!



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About oversize truck driver training school. March 11, 2021
  1. I would like to came take a class when you guys you going to start taking student.

  2. Hello there, would love info on the school! How many months is it usually? Will yall accept GI Bill? Do i need CDL before attending? I can get that no problem. And where is this course held?

    • The class takes from 10-12 days total. Much of it is behind the wheel as the in-room class trickles out after 4-5 days. We currently are unable to accept GI Bill, unfortunately. We plan on implementing it but time and COVID have slowed things down quite a bit. A CDL is required to be eligible for the class. Classes are usually in Tulsa, OK as stated.

      • Thank you for the information, i would have to use my GI Bill once out of active duty, i really want to do this course but i could only do it while using GI Bill

  3. Can get more information on your classes

    • We’ve had to temporarily suspend them due to COVID-19. Hopefully we will be able to resume them soon.

    • Do you have any virtual classes on the rules & regulations for heavy haul?

      • We’re actually working on this idea now. However, the most valuable part of this training is behind the wheel which creates a problem. By graduating students from the class we’re endorsing them so potential employers expect a high level of capability when behind the wheel on an 18′ wide shipment. This is a problem.

  4. Any updates on when classes will start up again?

    • We must wait due to COVID 19. We’d love to announce April of 2021 but simply can’t until we are certain it will be safe for each student and instructor. We’ll update our pages as we learn more. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you in class.

  5. Where is the class held

  6. I have never seen a program like this I am interested in this training

  7. Please call Tommy Patrick

    • I’d suggest getting on the driver class notification e-mail list. It’s on the heavy haul driver training pages. Hope to see you in class!

  8. How often are you guys offering courses? I want to attend sometime next year. I posses a valid CDL.

    • 2 times yearly – however we had to cancel our April 2020 class for the obvious reasons. We are hoping to train in September. We hope to see you in class!

  9. Hello,
    My name is Julius and interested in joining the class. I’ve tried to call ( 971-283-4841) but cannot get through. I’ve also written a couple of emails and haven’t received a response yet.
    I this registration still ongoing? Please let me know.

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